The choice of law question presented by Bates motion turns on the proper application of the approach laid down in New England Tel. Tel. Co. New York improved to 23 11 on its stretch run with another pitching performance from a surprise fill in. Robert Gsellman, a 26 year old making his sixth big league start, allowed three hits over seven innings, struck out a career best eight and walked two, leaving to a standing ovation. He also reached on a bunt single in the third for his first major league hit; Philadelphia’s defence was puzzling, given that Gsellman (3 2) has a torn left rotator cuff and can’t swing..

Have to understand where we are, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton said. Kind of behind right now, with the way this season has gone, and we got to get it back on track. The following week, Cincinnati makes its first trip to London to play Jay Gruden Washington team.

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