Our Portfolio

Strauss Group is an international corporation with a portfolio of five companies, which provide a response to two leading world trends – Health & Wellness, and Fun & Indulgence.

Strauss manages and develops its business in order to offer a wide range of quality Food & Beverage brands to the entire populations, which are marketed through various commercial channels.

The Group has 14,000 employees worldwide, is active in 20 countries, and has 27 production sites.The Group’s turnover is estimated at NIS 8.1 billion in 2014, of which its international operations account for 49%.

Strauss has collaborations with Danone, PepsiCo, Haier, Virgin and the global private investment firm TPG Capital.

Strauss Group is traded on the Tel Aviv 25 Index, which includes Israel’s largest public companies, and has an AA+ credit rating.

Our companies

Over the past decade, Strauss Coffee B.V. has grown to become one of the top 5 global coffee players in terms of green coffee procurement and one of the fastest growing branded coffee companies in the world. Our coffee brands have a leading position in Israel and Brazil and our brands have strong market presence (#1 – #3 brands) in Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine.

Our flexible and agile approach across both how we meet the local needs of the consumer and manage the supply chain, plus our strength in building partnerships and growing through acquisition in developing markets, have been key drivers to that growth.  

Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we pride ourselves in our highly capable independent local business teams building strong local brands and support them with a small, centralized structure.  This includes a centralized purchasing center for green coffee is based in Switzerland and some operations in Vietnam, a significant coffee growing region. 

We also have a strong R&D and innovation center based in Israel focusing on various areas including taste, smell, freshness, quality, and capacity improvements among others. 

In 2005, we combined businesses and local market knowledge to create Três Corações, a joint venture in Brazil owned by Strauss Coffee (50%) and by São Miguel (50%).

Strauss Coffee B.V. completed an agreement with Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke GmbH (NDKW) in Germany in 2012 to produce freeze-dried instant coffee, a product requiring specialized and advanced manufacturing processes.    

In addition to our focus on the core Roast & Ground and instant coffee segments, we also produce and sell cappuccino, espresso, teas, and other complimentary products such as hot chocolate, etc. in retail.  Alongside activity in the retail market, we provide services and solutions for coffee consumption away-from-home (AFH), mainly to HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafes) and working places.

We believe in ensuring sustainable coffee production and play a part in collaborating with 4C, an organization that advocates sustainability in green coffee.  

Overall, Strauss Coffee B.V. has 14 production sites around the world and employs more than 6,000 people. 

Strauss Group partnered with TPG Capital (Texas Pacific Group), a leading global private investment fund, enabling TPG to acquire a 25.1% stake in Strauss Coffee.  This partnership, which began in 2008, facilitates further accelerated growth of Strauss Coffee B.V.

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Management Team

Tomer Harpaz
Tomer Harpaz
CEO Strauss Coffee B.V.
Matty Harary
Matty Harary
CHRO Strauss Coffee B.V.
Amir Levin
Amir Levin
CFO Strauss Coffee B.V.