A true connection is binding

The connection between Strauss Coffee HQ and Migdalor in Petach Rikva started in 2009


The connection between Strauss Coffee HQ and Migdalor in Petach Rikva started in 2009. In the two years that followed,  an amazing, strong and stable relationship was built. In our meetings with them, we learned about their needs and tried to accommodate those needs with activities that we created together.


Slowly But Surely


Slowly but surely, the people of Strauss Coffee HQ became more involved in Migdalor’s activites. Trips and tours were organized and money was donated to specific events. Both equipment and devices were  contributed and there was focus placed on incorporating the teenagers into the SC sales division.


Slowly but surely, the people of Strauss Coffee HQ became more involved in Migdalor’s activites


Without doubt, the commitment of all those involved contributed to more people volunteering and further successful collaborations. As far as we are concerned, the ties fostered with the teenagers are vital for both parties and we have seen that our constant involvement has resulted in a positive change in them.


Successful Collaborations


The following video footage shows one of many special events that have been held with Migdalor. Although you will not be able to see the teenagers’ faces, you will be able to feel both the strength and unique nature of our connection, which, on our part, will last for a life time.





From the Video footage: Hey everybody, today we went on an adventure day with “Migdalor Center”.

Strauss Group not only joined us today but helped us arrange the activity. As they have done in the past, and continue to do so today, help us and donate both time and money to us. Thanks to the Strauss Group,  we had an amazing day with lots of fun!


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