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A picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, this long-time, frequently-used cliché has been reinforced in our digital age, with a slight contemporary adaptation: “A picture is worth a thousand ‘Likes’.”


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The evidence is clear- Instagram. The application which started as a filter-producing tool for pictures quickly became a growing social network. Without too many words but plenty of visuals, it assimilated and interfaced with Facebook.


The potential which lies in Instagram was realized not only by Mr. Zuckerberg and, of course, photography enthusiasts, but also by brands and commercial companies that saw an opportunity to “cross the platforms”. A chance to connect existing digital channels (Facebook or Twitter) to a new one (Instagram), thereby creating an innovative activity with added value and interesting content. This provides consumers with a different perspective on the overall image of the company or brand. A new way for telling a story is now available – minimum words, maximum colors.

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As we all know, the essence of social networking lies in creating a dialog, keeping a delicate balance between what you want to say and what people want to hear. Equally important and perhaps even more significant is what they want to say to you. This tool enables listening, and it turns out that you can listen with pictures as well.


Similar to the hashtag button on Twitter, Instagram offers a total content world under one master-topic at the click of a button. Brands and companies were quick to realize the opportunity unfolding before them- owning a content world that relates to their core topic or message.If that’s not enough – even harness existing or potential needs, become engaged, take part in it and actively upload contents.



Among the numerous pictures posted on Instagram every day, there is a specifically-photographed category that leaves images of cats and sunsets far behind – food. The frequency in which pictures of food are posted led many to say in amusement (and undoubtedly has some truth in it): “People sometimes eat only to have another picture posted on Instagram.”


To this end, we decided to follow the food photography trend and challenge fans on our Facebook page to post various pictures with interesting filters. They can do this every two weeks, each time under a different topic (but still in the food & beverage domain, what else), and tag them using the new and particularly-delicious hashtag – #WonderFood.


So, instead of burdening you with more words, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. You are invited to watch the video below, learn more about our activity on Instagram, and of course, join here.



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