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The importance of a conversation with our target audience compels us to create a connection that transcends the mere purchase of a cup of coffee, and contains snapshots from the content worlds of students.


In the last academic year we contacted students at the Center for Design & Technology, and asked them to design multiple-use thermal cups for the EC chain. This project was also a competition, allowing the top five contenders to become a part of a commercial production of their designed cups.


Since there aren’t enough ways to describe the unique connection formed with these students, I believe it would be best to just let them share their stories in their own words. I asked each of the five winners (whose cups will be sold at our Elite Coffee branches) to tell you about their creations:


Hodaya Kurkus – Brown cup, 3 people


Hodaya Kurkus“The cup I designed represents the young, dynamic atmosphere of student life, coupled with a familiar cup of coffee from the local cafeteria, that changes what was simply an invigorating tool into a real accessory.


The figures printed on the cup depict scenes from the daily life of students: They are restless, rush from one class to another, from one workplace to another, trying to remain fresh and energetic most hours of the day. The figures are dressed in the Elite Coffee logo colors – warm colors taken from the world of coffee.”


he cup I designed represents the young, dynamic atmosphere of student life


Mordechai Feldman – Refill yourself (green cup)


Mordechai Feldman“Refill yourself! Life is a repetitive daily wheel. Don’t become worn out, take a small breakaway from life! The main image I envisaged was the cycle symbol, arrow after arrow, which resulted in the major motif “Refill yourself” – an ambiguous sentence that calls for action: Drink Elite Coffee, re-energize yourself (coffee=energy), and then refill the thermic cup without having to throw away hundreds of cups into the trash bin.”


Refill yourself! Life is a repetitive daily wheel.


Rivka Gross – Typographic cup
(bits of information about coffee in various fonts):


Rivka Gross“The desire to connect students, education (knowledge) and coffee. I was contemplating the idea that cup users can be enriched with knowledge and interest during their coffee break.

This is how the content idea was created – information about coffee: the origin of the coffee beans, the history of coffee, various uses other than drinking, coffee consumption figures among the public at large, and more.”


he desire to connect students, education (knowledge) and coffee



Daniel Aviv – Polystyrene cups


Daniel Aviv“I was thinking about the advantage of a thermic cup: it is eco-friendly and prevents us from over-using disposable cups away from home. As a student, I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Think how many coffee cups are thrown away into the trash bin every day just by students. It is common knowledge that polystyrene and cardboard cups damage the environment.


I chose to radicalize this fact, using the image of numerous cluttered polystyrene cups, and highlighting the message that polystyrene becomes a non-perishable waste. The green revolution will start with us.”


I was thinking about the advantage of a thermic cup



Hadas Ben Shitrit – How do you drink your coffee?


“To me, coffee manifests the basic need of all of us for small moments of quiet and indulgence throughout the day. The life of a student doesn’t contain many quiet moments. There is always something to do – never a dull moment. When I started to design the cup, I addressed the “rationed” time of students between classes, and the need to somehow “squeeze in” a cup of coffee as well.”


How do you drink your coffee?



 Hard work and joint thinking


Alom Katabi, Marketing Manager of the Elite Coffee chain, and I embarked together on this special project without knowing how it would end. Our excitement and involvement throughout the process made it difficult for us to choose the best designs, as all of them were the product of hard work and joint thinking. We all came to discover the amazing capabilities of these students as designers, to convey messages, shape public opinion, maintain belief in their work, and still meet the marketing goals and needs of consumers. This was a taste of what will be required of them once they complete their degree.


First Published at Strauss blog: Food Tor Thought


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