Female Power Lies in Nutritional Balance – Part two

At my latest post we discussed the issue of  Nutritional Balance. At this post you can read more about the subject.


It sometimes seems that our day is never-ending. Our chores and assignments go on and on and on. After we had balanced our breakfast and lunch meals, I would like to share with you some tips for a midafternoon meal and for supper.


I would like to share with you some tips for a midafternoon meal and for supper


The Afternoon Hours: prepare ahead


The afternoon hours aren’t known for being easy, and therefore, if you are still at work, or have already gone home, it’s important that you prepare for them ahead of time. In order to prevent a situation of uncontrolled eating, I recommend that when you get home you slowly drink a hot beverage. This will result in an easier transition and will regulate any uncontrolled eating.


It’s worthwhile preparing a filling snack ahead of time that can be heated quickly, such as, a thick soup that can be taken out and heated, slices of vegetables that can be flavored with cottage cheese, ravioli that can be quickly prepared, a low calorie, high fiber chocolate bar.


Supper: closing gaps


The evening hours are the best time to “supplement” the day’s nutritional deficiencies. This is the time to prepare a rich salad that includes a wide variety of vegetables of different colors. You can utilize our variety of cut vegetables that reduce effort and only require opening a packet; and add to them some extra virgin olive oil which raises the nutritional bio availability of the vegetables, and whole wheat bread or pasta, which are considered carbohydrates that satisfy and balance sugar levels at night.


The evening hours are also the best time to supplement your daily calcium and Vitamin D balances, which are currently at the forefront of health, especially among women.


I recommend eating at least three dairy servings, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Today we know that a diet rich in dairy products and calcium aids in weight reduction processes and in maintaining body shape.


I recommend eating at least three dairy servings, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc


To summarize – What you should do to maintain a feeling of freshness and vitality throughout the day:


– Start the day with a glass of water in addition to coffee or a hot beverage you usually drink, and make sure to drink water throughout the day.


– Start the morning with a breakfast rich in protein and dietary fiber.


– Include vegetables, especially green vegetables, in every main meal.


– Make sure to consume appropriate amounts of Vitamin D and calcium.


– Stop every now and again and …simply listen to your body.







Chief Nutritionist, Strauss Group


Head of the Strauss Health Institute


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