From Cocoa Solids to Solid Facts: Chocolate and Health


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For thousands of years, cocoa – the basic ingredient of chocolate – has been linked with numerous health benefits and even used as a medicinal herb in folk medicine in
various cultures.


In recent centuries, as cocoa became an integral ingredient of chocolate, one question that often came up was whether the numerous benefits found in cocoa were maintained even after it turns into chocolate. In fact, people wondered if there was any scientific evidence to support the many benefits attributed to cocoa.



Sweet routine


Here is some sweet news – In recent years, more and more scientific studies have shed light to support base the health benefits that are inherent in chocolate rich in cocoa solids. These studies point mainly to the impact of routinely eating chocolate rich in cocoa solids (in moderation, of course!) on various health indicators.


Helps to balance health indicators


A study published in March 2012 examined 42 clinical tests that reviewed the benefits inherent in chocolate among 1,297 people. Analysis of these studies showed that eating chocolate rich in cocoa solids improved insulin levels in the blood, which in turn, affected blood sugar control.


The studies further showed that chocolate had a positive effect on blood flow in blood vessels and on blood pressure. Researchers tied this improvement in various health indicators to the high content of cocoa solids in chocolate.


better mood


Cocoa as a quality antioxidant


Cocoa solids contain a high level of quality antioxidants whose activity is maintained even after the cocoa is processed as a major ingredient of chocolate. The main reason for this is that the process that incorporates cocoa into chocolate does not impair its quality.


If this isn’t enough, you should know that studies point to a positive effect of chocolate consumption on other indicators as well, such as an enhanced feeling of satiety, improved cognitive function and mood elevation.


How much and why?


According to recent studies, the health benefits become more significant in chocolate rich in cocoa solids – the higher the percentage of cocoa solids in chocolate, the larger its contribution to health indicators. But when it comes to eating chocolate, it is important, of course, to enjoy its taste and health benefits, but at the same time keep consumption controlled and measured.


You are invited to put you guilt aside and enjoy the great taste of chocolate rich in cocoa solids.


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