Going Green

I am excited to take part in a unique new project, the first of its kind in Israel and at Strauss, which involves a significant corporate contribution to the environment.


Our salty snacks division (Strauss Frito Lay) will be launching the “TerraCycle Project” which encapsulates the notion of corporate, communal and environmental responsibility. Under this project, empty packs of our consumed products will be re-collected, recycled and we will even grant money to the recyclers who donate it back to specified organizations and groups. There is no “fine print” within this project – it is just as amazing as it sounds.


As for recycling consumed snack packs, how will it work? Simple. Collect the used packages, download a pre-paid mailing tag from the company’s website that facilitates the “pre-paid” mailing, and you will gain roughly two cents for each collected wrapper in the package. The money you will accumulate during the campaign will be donated to the organization of your choice.


We aim to connect the community with the environment


We aim to connect the community with the environmentLaunching the project, we aim to connect the community with the environment in three ways: First, the public at large will be taking responsibility for the environment in which they live, by properly disposing of food packaging waste. Second, we will be contributing back to the community for their effort in collecting the packs. Third, as a commercial company, we validate our commitment to care for the environment even after our products have left the production lines.


The cooperation agreement signed with TerraCycle enables us to evaluate the public response to such a project, with the hope that the public’s response will make other departments at Strauss (and even additional companies in Israel) join in as well. Now we are able to recycle the packs of all our popular salty snacks: Tapuchips (Lay’s), Cheetos, Doritos and Shoosh. As far as we are concerned, this is not just another short-term project, but a sustainable venture that involves our ongoing commitment to invest in the environment and in the community.


The connection between the salty snack division (Strauss Frito Lay) and this project is not coincidental for the following two reasons:


First, our ties with PepsiCo, an equal partner in Strauss Frito Lay, who is also active in such a project in the U.S., Brazil and Canada, and second: the target audience. Past experience shows that most recyclers are children and teenagers, who are the major consumer base of salty snacks. While we don’t have any educational subtexts, we are committed to being a part of a change which we must all make, and we hope that this project will result in greater awareness among young people.


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