Inspiring Corporate Social Change

As a company that has set corporate responsibility as part of its visionary goals and is working through various channels to help and contribute to the community, we are pleased to share with you the news that an ‘Inspiring Corporate Social Change” Award was granted to Strauss Group by Leket Israel in its annual Gala dinner this week.

Leket Israel presented its considerations in granting this Award to Strauss Group:

“Over the past year, the group donated food worth NIS 2,000,000, and supported the vision of promoting wise nutrition among underserved populations through the donation of products with high nutritional values.

The Group advocates the value of volunteerism among its employees through their participation in various such activities of the organization. Moreover, Mike Avner, EVP & CLO of the Group, serves voluntarily as a member of the executive committee of Leket Israel.

Thanks to the cooperation with Leket Israel, Strauss’ surplus produce is not discarded, but transferred directly to the needy, thereby contributing to a greener environment as well.

The contribution and activities of the Group enables Leket Israel to reach 140,000 people every week with a supply of fresh and nutritious food. ”

Leket Israel– The National Food Bank, is Israel’s leading food rescue and redistribution network that distributes surplus food to needy people and children who live under food insecurity.

As an umbrella organization for 189 non-profit food agencies, Leket Israel reaches 140,000 people and children on a weekly basis, with fresh and nourishing food supplies.

In addition, Leket Israel assists population groups at-risk and NPO’s through nutrition education projects, purchasing high-protein products, food safety and infrastructure support to improve professional standards among the NPO’s and empower groups at risk.

We are proud of our contribution to the blessed activity of Leket Israel and work to expand our ties in the future as well

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