International Women’s Day 2013

International Women's day 2013
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Inspirational Leadership
By Sigal Shilony

In the first post of the series “The Spirit of Female Leadership” on our blog to honor Women’s Day, Sigal Shilony – Fun & Indulgence GM, talks about inspirational leadership as a management tool that has accompanied her from the beginning of her career.

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Gender Balance – Eager to Change But Short on Patience
By Gadi Lesin

In honor of International Woman’s Day which will be marked this week, Gadi Lesin, President & CEO of Strauss Group, shares with us the decision to promote gender balance within the organization, and explains why it serves both men and women.
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Motherhood Questions

Blessed Are You for Making Me a Woman
By Osnat Golan

Is it possible to combine family life and career? Are there any feminine characteristics that help us fulfill these ambitions? Osnat Golan, V.P. Communications & Digital and Strauss Group Spokesperson, shares her personal story which is embodied in the phrase: “Blessed Are You for Making Me a Woman.”
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Women as Role Models
By Monika Zbrozek

In the third post of the series “The Spirit of Female Leadership” dedicated entirely to International Women’s Day, Monika Zberozk, Marketing Director at Strauss Café Poland, talks about female role models and explains why all we have to do to find excellence is just open our eyes and look around.
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Ofra Strauss Aiming

International Women’s Day 2013: Ofra Strauss on Gender Balance and Women’s Empowerment

In honor of Women’s Day marked worldwide at the end of the week, Chairperson of Strauss Group talks about the importance of promoting Diversity and Gender Balance, specifically during a time of global economic slowdown, her personal connection to this subject and what she is doing to help empower women.
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Aiming Above and Beyond the Target
By Talia Sessler

In the forth post of the series “The Spirit of Female Leadership” dedicated entirely to International Women’s Day, Talia Sessler, Director of Investor Relations at Strauss, shares a dilemma that every mother can relate to – combining career with family life and how she found the balance between the two.

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