Most Socially-Responsible Company

The Forbes list examined the most growing companies in major industries in the economy, taking into consideration four main parameters: treatment of employees, treatment of the environment, involvement in the community and transparency and access to information.

Fromthe article:
“Strauss- Eliteis an undisputed leader in this fieldand in a large gapfrom the othercompetitors. One may say that it is one of thebest companies, if not the best,inthis extensive project, with various indices revealing superiority in most examined areas, topped by transparency.”



30 points in the Maala Index;  88 % in the Transparency Index

The past several months saw wide-scale public criticism about most large companies in the Israeli economy, including Strauss.  Recent criticism touched on the popular chocolate candy PesekZman (“Time Out”), after it was discovered that its price abroad was cheaper than its price in Israel. This protest resulted in a demonstration in front of Ofra Strauss’s residence.

Nevertheless, when it comes to social responsibility, Strauss has many reasons to be proud and to give itself a pat on the back.Strauss-Eliteis an undisputed leader in this field, openinga large gapfrom the other competitors. One maysaythatit is one of thebest companies, if notthe best, in this extensive project, withvarious indices revealing superiorityin most examined areas, topped by the transparency indicator.

Ofra Strauss, Chairperson of the Group, is also Chairperson ofMaala.  In the food category, one can argue this is the undisputed winner among all food company. A perfect mark in the Maala Index, first place in the category with regard to transparency, and the only company that publishes a regular, detailed Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

The work environment: 87% of employees say they are proud to work for a company ranked high by BDI, an information company listing the largest companies by various parameters, including employee satisfaction. The rate of female-managers is slightly more than one-third. Among employees, men earned 8% higher wages than women. Another significant data shows that 65% of all contractor-employees of the company in 2009 became company employees in the following year, according to the company’s CSR Report.

Involvement in the community: the company invested about 17,000 employee working hours, according to its last CSR Report (2010). These hours are valued at approximately NIS 600,000. Last year, the company donated food products at a total of NIS 5.6 million, according to its Report.

Environmental quality: the same CSR Report suggests that the company reduced its waste and worked to recycle materials. 22% improvement was recorded between the company’s two last reports, in terms of reducing the weight of its waste. A fine achievement was also gained in reducing greenhouse gases, 8% less than in the previous Report.

On the negative side, it should be noted that the CSR Clinic Report shows that Strauss-Elite paid less taxes than, perhaps, it should have paid (through less-aggressive tax planning, according to the academic center report).

Another favorable point for the company is the fact that it registered to the Greenhouse Gas Emission Recording and Reporting System of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, thus becoming the only food company to be doing so. The company is listed in the second ranking group in the report,which deals with complying with environmental quality standards, and published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection: None of the companies mentioned in this article made it to the first ranking group (it should be noted that a considerable number of areas are not even reviewed in the said Index, e.g., cellular or financial institutions.)


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