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Years ago I started taking home my weekly grocery shopping in reusable bags. Then, 4 years ago I moved into a new house- a major change in life: moving from the city to the country side. A year later I bought a composting bin, followed by boxes to separate cardboard and bottles, and a separate bin for organic waste. While I’ve never engaged in “tree hugging”, one thing led to another, and I started making “deficient” weekly shopping – not “to have enough” but “to avoid throwing away”.


Two years ago I joined Strauss, and from Tomer Harpaz’s strategy group raised the Alpha-Strauss Project, designed to bring breakthrough technological innovation to Strauss. As if from nowhere, in between inventor to entrepreneur to new amazing technology, Daniella Prusky Sion, Strauss’s Corporate Responsibility Manager, contacted Dagan Eshel, Alpha-Strauss Manager, and me. She suggested that we present our project on Corporate Responsibility Day. To be honest, I didn’t quite understand what she wanted from me at first, or even what connected it all.


But then I looked at our strategy. It deals with the transition from volume to value, with the desire to be more effective, offers healthy and more nutritious products, enhances and streamlines the use of water, reduces waste and energy consumption during production, and much more…


offers healthy and more nutritious products


…Then came that magical moment when everything comes together. Creating value for consumers, efficiency, quality and technology – all eventually result in reducing our impact on the environment, making us a company whose overall activity contributes to sustainability as well. For me, this was a very happy moment. Today I know and feel how gratifying it is to work at an organization that engages in sustainability (even more than I would have imagined had I been asked ten years ago). And from my perspective, doing it through technology, my true passion is a privilege.


doing it through technology


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