Do people chew gum as a mouth freshener or for fun?

Many years have passed since chewing gum made its debut, but the reasons for chewing have remained the same. Roughly, they can be divided into two: chewing gum as a mouth freshener, and chewing gum for enjoyment. Mint chewing gums and gum with functional benefits (teeth whitening, preventing bad breath, etc.) leave your mouth feeling fresh. In this context it is worth noting that as opposed to today, when sugarless chewing gum is acknowledged as healthy for the teeth, in the past the popular kinds of gum contained sugar. That’s why it’s no surprise that today, sales of sugarless chewing gum account for 90% of all chewing gum sales.


But the feeling of enjoyment is no less important than the feeling of freshness. Chewing gum comes in a variety of flavors, textures, shapes, packaging experiences… virtually anything you can imagine.