What do the filtration and purification systems (the filter and lamp) in Strauss Water's water bars actually treat?

The carbon filter removes foreign bodies such as dirt and rust, adsorbs odors and
aftertastes, and removes over 90% of the chlorine in drinking water. The lamp
assures water that is free of bacteria. The water from a Strauss Water appliance

undergoes a two-stage filtration and purification process:

  1. Activated carbon filtration, which includes physical filtration: particles (e.g.
    sand, rust and tiny stones) are physically blocked by a mesh screen; and
    chemical filtration: activated carbon filtration, which improves the taste and
    quality of the water, adsorbs the chlorine and removes aftertastes and odors.
  2. UV purification, which helps to reduce the bacterial load in the water. The
    UV lamp emits a wavelength in a range that does not allow bacteria to
    continue their lifecycle.