Which products are suitable for diabetes sufferers?

Strauss has a broad variety of products that can be included in a healthy diet in
general, and for people who watch their intake of carbohydrates and fats in particular.

In the dairy category there is a variety of products: natural yogurts and fruit yogurts
containing 0%-3% fat and a range of levels of carbohydrates. Some of the yogurts
(0%) bear the symbol of the Israeli Diabetes Association. Dairy chilled desserts with
no added sugar such as Taanug, milk drinks such as Café Latte Zero, Choco 250 ml

The prepared dips & spreads category includes a broad variety of hummus and
vegetable salads that contain rapeseed (canola) oil, which have a significantly
reduced fat content compared to other products on the market.

In the confectionery category we offer a broad range of chocolate bars and tablets in
different sizes, such as Chocolate Fingers or our 92 chocolate bar, in which the
carbohydrate content per portion is lower than in other products.

For people who watch their total carbohydrate and fat intake, we recommend that
before consuming a product, take a look at the nutritional values and consult your
doctor or dietician in order to tailor the products to your daily diet.