Which products are suitable for people who are sensitive to gluten?

We’re sensitive to the needs of the gluten-sensitive public. Every year, we improve
our capabilities and increase the range of our products that are adapted for
consumption by people who are sensitive to gluten.
The following products are labeled as containing less than 20 ppm of gluten and are
therefore suitable for consumption by celiac sufferers:
All types of Mekupelet chocolate bars, Parra (Cow) milk chocolate and Megadim dark
chocolate (with the flower symbol), all types of Tapuchips manufactured since
February 2013 (except for Tapuchips Kids), the entire range of Achla salads (not
including the dips), Chocolite drink powder, Mekupelet flavored instant coffee,
chocolate-banana Chocolite, cocoa powder, “Chico” powder.
** Before consuming the product, make sure to read the labeling on the packaging to
be sure that the legend is there.