Why is there so much air in a bag of Tapuchips?

There are three main reasons why you think the bag isn’t full:
1. The weight of the chips in the bag is constant and noted on the pack. The number of units in the pack is determined by the concentration of solids in the potato: when the potato density is low there are more chips, and each chip weighs less. When the potato density is high, there are less chips and each one of them weighs more.
2. Because Tapuchips are a naturally grown product and agricultural crops vary from one season to the next, they are also influenced by the size of the potatoes. If the potatoes are relatively small, the slices will be smaller and will sink to the bottom of the bag, thus creating the impression that the bag is “empty”. By contrast, if the potatoes are big, the slices will be bigger and give the feeling that the bag is full.
3. As you have probably noticed, Tapuchips are very thin and crispy. The air added to the bag is designed to protect the product from being damaged during transportation and handling (trucks, price stickers, arrangement on the shelf, etc.) so that you won’t end up with a bag full of crumbs.