Financial support 4

On the basis of your answers, the organization in whose name you are applying has been found suitable for submitting a request for a monetary donation from Strauss Group. As mentioned, requests for monetary donations may be submitted in an … Continued

Financial suppor 3

Has the organization or activity for which you are requesting a donation received a monetary donation from Strauss Group in the past, for a period of three (3) successive years or more?

Financial suppor 2

Is the request being made for a project or program on any of the following subjects: individuals, religious organizations, politics, trade unions?

Financial support

Is your request being submitted on behalf of a registered nonprofit organization with a public institution certificate for donations (Section 46A), a valid certificate of proper management, and bookkeeping confirmation and a certificate of exemption from withholding tax? Alternatively, is … Continued

Does your organization have a non profit organization certificate or a voluntary association certificate or is your organization holding a proper administration authorization or regarded as a public institute for the matter of contributions(Article 46A) or is a recognized school, … Continued