clothing drive to benefit hurricane matthew victims

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Christian Louboutin Clearance CONNESTEE FALLS Organizers recently reported that the 2017 Women’s Business Showcase, designed to spotlight businesses owned or co owned by women in Transylvania County, has been fast filling up with exhibitors, and fewbooth spaces remainedout of the 50 planned. 15.”The showcase is a great opportunity to connect with new customers, do market research,take orders, make appointments and sell Christian Louboutin Outlet,”said Gary Heisey, director of the Blue Ridge Small Business Center. The center recently joined SCORE, the nonprofit small business support group,and the Transylvania Economic Alliance in sponsoring the popular event.”Our biggest challenge is finding women business owners to invite, especially owners of new and small businesses,” said Grace Major, showcase chair and SCORE mentor.”Giving women the opportunity to sell their products and services to customers who may not know they even exist is rewarding,” Spencer said, adding that it wasespecially gratifying when someone like Linda Roth, of Ernie’s Rock Shop, told her that the showcase would bea “great vehicle” to promote her business.”Unfortunately, we can’t go everywhere, and so I hope people in the community who know a woman business owner will tell her about the showcase so she doesn’t miss out,” Spencer said.All four women were among 74 volunteers who helped with hospitality, musical entertainment, booth set up and tear down, exhibitor assistance and parking for the 2016 Showcase Christian Louboutin Clearance.