HER SIGNATURE IS ON THE TITLE. LAWN DOESN KNOW WHAT IT MAY BRING WHEN HE PUTS IT ON E BAY, BUT FIGURES NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL. >> SOMEBODY MIGHT WANT IT A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN I DO. South Lake Tahoe police are investigating a possible food tampering incident at a Baja Fresh restaurant that could be linked to a similar occurrence at Raley’s.That same day, a12 year old boy who had eaten at the restaurant, was taken to a hospital withsymptoms related to food poisoning, police said in a news release Tuesday.,The boy was in stable condition and was recently released from the hospital.Restaurant employees told officers they read a reportabout a possible food tampering incident at the nearby Raley’s last week and decided to contact police out of concern for their customers.It was unknown what the substance looked like, Lt. Brian Williams said.”We don’t know yet (what it is),” Williams said Tuesday. “Nobody has gotten a good look at him as he was dispersing the substance.

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