2014 Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Day:

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Strauss Receives “Platinum Plus” Rating of the Maala CSR Index and the Dov Lautman Diversity Award



Today, June 10, 2014, Israel is marking the first CSR in Business Day, which was launched this year to raise awareness to the importance of social responsibility among businesses and harness companies and their employees to activities in this field.


As part of CSR in Business Day, Strauss Group received “Platinum Plus” rating of the Maala CSR Index for the ninth consecutive year. This is the highest possible rating in this index, and Strauss is the only food and beverage company to be included in the Platinum rating.


Strauss also received Dov Lautman Diversity Award as part of this day. Granted for the first year, it was given to Strauss in recognition of Group activities to promote diversity within its ranks. We are honored to be recipients of this award, as a business company that goes to great lengths to promote and incorporate diverse populations through fair employment within the company, and also outside of the company, through various ventures such as Catalyst, Jasmine, Be’Atzmi NGO and more.

The award was given to Strauss in view of multiple-year programs to diversify the Group’s workforce worldwide; specific programs to promote women including a goal of 50% women in managerial levels; commitment to the advancement of women-owned businesses in procurement activities as well; the establishment of the Catalyst initiative and support in organizations that promote women-owned small businesses.

The Maala CSR rating, which ranks businesses in Israel by their level of corporate responsibility management, includes 77 companies in the Israeli economy. This rating enables leading companies to test and rate their CSR performance and become part of the Maala Index in the Securities Authority.

This rating is based on detailed criteria in six key CSR areas, through which we can positively impact society and the environment: employees, diverse work force , responsible procurement, contribution to the community, environmental responsibility and transparency. 

CSR has long become an integral part of the business activity and corporate culture of Strauss: We have set a goal to lead the CSR domain and this year continued to improve our performance in the core issues which we impact with our business, social, economic and environmental activity.

You are invited to watch the video and learn about some of our diversity-promoting activities both in and outside of the company.

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