A Significant Step Toward Making Israel a World Leader In FOODTECH

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Strauss Group Welcomes the Chief Scientist’s Decisionto Adoptits Proposal to Establish in Israel a Technological Innovation Community in the Food Sector (FOODTECH).

The global food industry is facing numerous challenges that result from economic and social changes. The global need to address various problems and adjust the food world to consumer demands has led, in recent years, to an emerging need to takefood industries around the world to the next technological level.


Today, the food industry in Israel effectively relies on technologies of giant foreign companies in terms of machinery and raw materials.
Through the Alpha Strauss project, Strauss Group has been working for three years to establish and develop a global knowledge industry headquartered in Israel, in order to encourage more entrepreneurs and companies to develop technologies that will advance the local food industry- and then the international one. Collaborations established between entrepreneurs in the food sector, research institutes, universities and international partners, have proven that Israel offers a productive platform for breakthrough innovation in the food sector.


Based on the experience of Alpha Strauss, and the evident need for the global food industry to face the challenges of tomorrow, Strauss proposed tothe Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economics to establish a FOODTECH incubator, which would enable young entrepreneurs to succeed and create start-ups in the field of food (and its related technologies) as well, on top of the well-known success in high-tech and bio-med.

Tomer Harpaz, VP Strategy, Business Development and Technologies at Strauss Group, who led the Alfa Strauss project and the establishment of aFOODTECH incubator, said: “Today’s decision by the Chief Scientist is a significant step forward in making Israel a world leader in FOODTECH. In the next decade, food technology will become a significant global industry. The incubator will enable us to meet and advance entrepreneurs in the early stage of their journey, helping them to contend with the significant challenge of proving the feasibility of their invention, and then to commercialize their technology. This significant and important step for the Israeli industry will enable Israel to develop a leading knowledge industry on a global scale in an important field. It is a badge of honorfor Strauss and exciting news for the FOODTECH community.

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