Strauss Group and the Israel Women’s Network are Proud to Present:

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The Fifth Israeli Census Report 2014 Women’s representation in the TA -100 Index companies

Under the social flag of Strauss Group in the past decade, with issues of diversity and inclusion and promoting equal opportunities for women, we are publishing the Catalyst Census for the fifth consecutive year

This Census aims to serve as a managerial tool for CEOs and chairmen, providing them with consistent data on the number of women in senior managements and boards of directors of public companies in the Tel Aviv 100 Index, in order to encourage the promotion of women to senior positions.

This year, in addition to the findings, we included a practical guide with five tips that help to create gender balance in business:

  • Lead the change through committed managers
  • Have the courage to look in the mirror- devote time to learning, understanding and mapping the situation in the organization
  • Set clear goals and chart the path to their achievement
  • Create a system-wide change- plan processes, tools and structures that support gender balance
  • Take advantage of existing experience and knowledge- among specialized social organizations, in Israel and abroad

As shown in the enclosed graph, the main findings indicate that the inclusion rate of women in senior management positions in businesses in Israel is still low compared to their position in the labor market and compared to their education and professional skills.

As we undertook internal organizational goals in this regard, it is equally important for us to continue to lead, over time, social initiatives that will facilitate the advancement of women in society and in businesses.

We invite you to read the full reportand thoroughly learn its findings.

catalyst report

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