CEO of Strauss Water, has asked to step down

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Gadi Lesin, President and CEO of Strauss Group, announced today that Rami Ronen, after 6 years as CEO of Strauss Water, has asked to leave his position. 
Rami Ronen

Rami joined Strauss Group 9 years ago in 2006 when he began his collaboration with the team of entrepreneurs that developed the Maze technology for tap water purification.  Under his leadership the technology
 matured and became a product and at the same time Tana Industries (Tami 4) was acquired and merged with Strauss.  The combination of the advanced technology and Tami 4’s excellent business platform created the foundation on which Strauss Water, as a global company, was built.

Rami will remain in office and continue to lead the company until his successor is appointed and has fully assumed his/her position.  The process for appointing a new CEO for Strauss Water will begin in the coming days.


Gadi Lesin, President and CEO of Strauss Group: “Rami was a partner in building Strauss Water’s vision of improving people’s lives by making clean, safe drinking water accessible to people around the world.  He established and built Strauss Water as a strong international company with double-digit growth and high future potential.  Over the Strauss Water Israel doubled in size while increasing market share despite aggressive completion.  During this time the company built partnerships with top international brands (Haier and Virgin), entered China and created a strong presence there as well as creating infrastructures for international activities in additional countries as a basis for its continuing journey of Growth.

Rami’s ability to work simultaneously in various arenas, different cultures and with diverse stakeholders, his determination, entrepreneurship, optimism and fortitude were critical key elements in building Strauss Water as a strong, international company equipped with infrastructure and professional capabilities that will enable it to succeed as the journey continues. 

I wish to thank you, Rami, for your dedication and commitment, for all the assets you have built, for your endless investment and for the fascinating way we have come together.  I wholeheartedly wish you every success on whatever path you choose.


Rami Ronen, CEO of Strauss Water: “With great satisfaction I am concluding a period of personal and business development and growth in Strauss Group.  I feel it is the right time for me, on a personal level, to end the current chapter and I am confident that my successor will take Strauss Water to the next level of its growth and development.  

Strauss Water was established from the vision and conviction that making safe tap water accessible would create value for people around the world.  It is a journey that requires willingness for long-term investment which, in turn, requires support and cooperation among numerous people.  In the case of Strauss Water,the conviction and willingness to invest on the part of its owners and management, along with a team of professional and committed people within the company, are all responsible for the results that the company is presenting today.

We developed unique technologies, built a new consumer category in Israel and in various markets around the world and the journey has just begun.  I leave behind an amazing team and numerous assets, and I am convinced that Strauss Water will only continue to grow and prosper.”


About Strauss Water:

Strauss Water is a world leader in providing safe, quality and purified drinking water solutions.  Strauss Water engages in the development, production and marketing of environmentally friendly water bars with hot, cold and sparkling water for in-home and office use, under the highest international standards.  The company evolved from Strauss Group’s investment in the technology venture H2Q and the acquisition of Tana Industries – the Tami 4 brand owner (2009).  

Strauss Water’s products are sold worldwide through business partnerships and local franchisees.  In 2011 the company established local partnerships with Chinese electronics corporation Haier and the British Virgin Group, and it is also active (through distributors) in Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Finland, Portugal and Singapore.  Over the years the company developed 4 product series based on its water purification technology, which provide hot and cold water and, as of 2013, sparkling water.  In the first nine months of 2014 the company’s sales totaled
NIS 408 million and during 2013 the company’s sales totaled NIS 483 million. Compound Annual Growth rate of the company’s sales since 2009 is approximately 12%.
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