Adi Strauss

Adi Strauss is one of the owners of Strauss Group and the son of Michael Strauss.

Adi started out in the Company in 1991 concurrently with his activity in a successful restaurant chain venture in the US. In 1997, following the merger with Elite, he returned to manage Elite Coffee and also managed the Company’s entire institutional market operation in Amsterdam. Under his management, the merger between Strauss’s and Elite’s institutional activities was executed (2000-2003). Adi subsequently embarked on private business and has been involved in the management of long-term investments, international real estate acquisitions, the establishment of restaurants and concept hotels. In 2009 he founded the “Achim” (Brothers) program with his family with the aim of providing personal and professional support for the advancement of children and soldiers at risk, and has since remained active in promoting and leveraging this program.