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Fake Hermes Bags We’re here to make eye contact with and rub elbows (or more) with people of somewhat similar worldviews, among those with whom we share the depths or the surface of the information superhighway, the growing online cyberscapes within it, and, more specifically, its streets and alleyways and lolcat divebars. You’ve probably seen the SoCo “i love you so much” tag, or 1080p patches of the Castle Hill Graffiti Park, but have you captured poorly executed “special effects” photography of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue by Auditorium Shores? Or how about being snapped underneath one of Austin’s historic moonlight towers, relics from a bygone age free of today’s convenient light pollution? If you have any self respect, you’ll get a group jumping pic in front of the 360 bridge, a snap where you’re petting a pup at Zilker, and an introspective shot of you gazing in awe at the beautiful Capitol building. Rather, the film bores into the specifics of how and where the downtown scene grew (the clubs, the players, the parties, the politics): both borrowing from and throwing punches at late disco poshness; establishing a dual strategy of genre cross pollination and coke fueled, breakneck speed; and intertwining with uptown disco and South Bronx hip hop street culture, bringing the latter downtown and therefore eventually into the gaze of mainstream American youth culture, which it would go on to dominate for the next 20 odd years.” Fake Hermes Bags.