It’s as if time stopped in the sleepy Connecticut town.’Profound sadness’: Disappointed TV fans slam Gilmore Girls Netflix revival as ‘boring’Luke and Lorelai have the happy ending we all hoped forThe show fell back into its fast talking rhythm seamlessly; the chemistry between the cast much the same.My only criticisms were the unnecessary, lengthy sequences of the Stars Hollow musical and the Life and Death Brigade’s jaunt to New Hampshire couldn’t these precious minutes have been better spent catching up with characters?The death of Edward Hermann, who plays the show’s stoic patriarch, Richard Gilmore, has left a huge hole in the family and cast it really is noticeably different without him.Sookie’s absence, too, is painfully obvious. Her slapstick comedy and relationship with Lorelai is sorely missed in this revival (thankfully Paris provides the comic relief) and disappointingly, her departure is explained away in long, forced chats between Michel and Lorelai.Emily, Lorelai and Rory attend Richard’s funeral in a heartbreaking sceneWhen Melissa McCarthy does return for a brief cameo, it’s not the same Sookie we know and love. The chemistry between her and Lauren Graham has fizzled out and their relationship doesn’t have the same on screen presence.As for Rory, what can I say? At the end of the seventh season we left Rory with a hopeful future on Obama’s campaign trail.She’d had a small bump in the road but had made up with her mum, ditched the DAR and the dreadful Huntzberger boy and seemed ready to set the world on fire.That’s what Lorelai (and we) always wanted for her, isn’t it? To achieve her dreams and become the next Christiane Amanpour.Rory’s reality will leave fans disappointed.With no job, no money, no home and no underwear, she spends the whole year ambling around trying to get work and failing miserably..

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