(I for sure cannot. I rarely see a pair of shoes I don’t like, and my closet is crammed with size 7 1/2 AAAA ones.)So, if you want to dish with the mayor, Saturday might be as good a time as any.We don’t see her out and about often, but how nice for her to schedule time for a small downtown businesswoman with whom she has been acquainted a long time.The appearance means a lot to Thomason and she is quite excited about all the fuss.How did she get the mayor to agree to the appearance?Easy. She just called and asked her.And the mayor? “She is so delighted, she can hardly wait,” said Thomason.

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Christian Louboutin Sale The government currently keeps no such list.Locating contamination has been made all the more urgent by Victoria’s need to house its fast growing population.Governments are seeking to free up former industrial “brownfield”sites for urban renewal, while outer suburban expansion is pushing housing estates up against risky sites, such as former rubbish tips, and factories.Even more troublesome are the contamination hotspots governments don’t know about: historic landfills, petrol stations, dry cleaners, factories including asbestos manufacturers that opened and closed before Victoria’s limited environmental protection laws were introduced in the late 1970s and ’80s.Fairfax Media detailed the history of the push for such a database in July.At the time, planning and decontamination expert Rob Milner said: “We spend an enormous amount of money on above ground heritage and the assets we want to protect.”We don’t do the same heritage or legacy studies underground, on something that can be very damaging to the community.”Petrol stations which for decades were opened and closed in residential zones leaving no statutory warning signs are especially problematic because of the underground tanks and heavily leaded fuel they often left behind. Similarly problematic, dry cleaners often dumped carcinogenic cleaning chemicals on site.In 1997 the government estimated 10 Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoes,000 contaminated sites in Victoria. Experts dismiss the figure as a gross underestimation.Fourteen years on, the then auditor general Des Pearson decried a lack of information across the state about the “location, number and status of contaminated sites” Christian Louboutin Sale.