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Hermes Belts Replica Automaker. Ford expanded on Thursdayan existing recall from about 900,000 to nearly 2.4 million over a potential door latch malfunction on six models from between the 2012 through 2015 model years.Ford has identified one accident and three injuries related to the defect.While the Ford recall covered fewer vehicles, the cost led the company to cut its 2016 profit forecast, before taxes Replica Hermes Belts, by $600 million to $10.2 billion.Related:Ford recalls 1.5M more vehicles for faulty door latchThe GM recall is large, but the repair involves a software update rather than a mechanical change. Vehicles involved in the recall are from the 2014 2017 model years and include models from Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac.Unlike the notorious series of ignition switch recalls in 2014 for which the company paid more than $2 billion in damages, victim compensation, regulatory fines and a criminal investigation settlement this recall was voluntary and does not appear to involve a failure to respond to reports of serious injuries or one reported fatality.On the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the regulatory agency lists 17 vehicles for which an owner filed some notice or complaint.But in a statement, the automaker said the costof thisrecall is not expected to be material and will be included in GM’s third quarter earnings when those are reported in late October.This is unrelated to the ongoing record recall of air bags made by Japanese supplier Takata that now affects more than 20 million vehicles from more than a dozen manufacturers Hermes Belts Replica.