PepsiCo-Strauss Fresh Dips & Spreads

The partnership between Strauss and PepsiCo in the fresh Dips & Spreads category led to the establishment of two growing companies: Sabra in North America, and Obela, which is taking its first steps in Mexico and Australia. In 2005, Strauss … Continued

Strauss Water

Strauss Water is a leading international company that specializes in high-quality, great tasting, purified drinking water solutions. We develop, produce and market environmentally-friendly drinking water heating and cooling WaterBars for in-home and business use. In 2007 Strauss Group identified the … Continued

Strauss Israel

As an international company whose home base is in Israel, Strauss is considered the largest Food & Beverage company in Israel. Strauss Israel is active in a variety of Fields of Activity, ranging from milk and milk products through fresh … Continued

Strauss Coffee B.V.

Strauss Coffee is one of the top ten coffee companies in the world. Its core sourcing, R&D and marketing capabilities support highly successful local brands. Who we are? Strauss Coffee is a pure play coffee company, among the top 10 … Continued