Corporate Brand Story

The Strauss brand is a brand that's about people, but it's also a corporate brand. It's the name of a family whose founders immigrated to Israel, then Palestine, in the nineteen-thirties, filled with ideals, and started a small dairy. Strauss is a brand that works to drive a movement of improvement, a brand that aspires to deliver people with creative solutions, innovation, progress, and healthy and enjoyable food through a way of doing business that promotes good. Strauss is a brand that aspires to improve the quality of people's lives by creating wonders out of basics. Our corporate brand is an umbrella for many product categories – it delivers a response to world food trends of health and wellness alongside fun and indulgence, and besides our products, technologies and innovation, our brand is driven by values and social responsibility to advance good in the way that the Company and brand work.

Strauss' Logo