Ours is a true story, a story about real people and fresh ingredients that are cultivated with care until they reach the big kitchen in our salad factory in Carmiel. Within hours the vegetables become pre-packaged salads, dips and spreads, prepared with our unique, favorite recipes, and are sent on their way to thousands of points of sale, all over Israel.

Over the years Achla has taken many steps, some of them one-of-a-kind and groundbreaking, to improve its products, their quality and nutritional composition. The quality of our vegetables and raw materials, along with uncompromising production processes, form the basis for our range of tasty, popular salads.

At Achla, we believe in simplicity, excellent ingredients, genuineness, love and the joy of life, and more than anything else – in unique flavors.

We aim to continue to surprise you in the future, varying our offering and launching fast-paced product innovation, with that same passion that is so characteristic of Achla, to bring you the next big thing in the salad category, and to produce the best quality, tastiest hummus and Mediterranean salads.

The Achla brand is launched
1.4 Million consumers eat Achla Dips & Spreads every day
Is the number of different hummus and vegetable Dips & Spreads offered by Achla, in a variety of tastes and sizes

Product Family

The "Achla Classics" series features the familiar, best-loved Israeli flavors. The series has been consumers' favorite since 1991, and you'll find these products in every Israeli home as they accompany Israelis as they celebrate special events, holidays – and life.

Hummus 1 kg
Hummus 1 kg

Tahini 500g
Tahini 500g


The Achla brand was launched when Strauss was the first to identify the consumer's need to buy tasty, high quality hummus at the supermarket, right off the shelf. Consequently, Strauss created "The Hummus Bar" for Israeli everyday home consumption.
From here on, all Achla products have been manufactured exclusively with rapeseed oil.
The fat content of Achla Hummus was reduced significantly, and today Achla Hummus is among the hummus products with the lowest fat content on the shelf. Besides which, Achla's hummus products contain whole tahini.
Achla is rejuvenated. Now, emphasis is placed on the ingredients and elements that are the cornerstone of our salads: the farmers and the raw materials. We buy our vegetables only from farmers that have been carefully selected, and we accompany them throughout the entire crop growing process to make sure that we get the best quality hummus, eggplants, peppers and parsley. We have established a culinary center which supports product innovation and the highest taste and quality standards, and have developed dozens of new products in the past few years.


Do the salads contain preservatives?
Our salads contain a minute amount of preservatives, according to the most stringent standards, to ensure safe consumption of pre-packaged salads all day long, so that we can send our kids to school with a hummus sandwich without worrying.
Are the salads gluten-free?
All Achla salads contain up to 20 ppm of gluten. Note: Excluding the Achla dips series – Basil Pesto, Tunisian Pickled Lemons and Dried Tomatoes 140g.
Why does the taste of the product change sometimes?
Because our salads are based on fresh vegetables, the weather has a big effect on their taste and quality. Additionally, there are products whose flavor varies slightly from one season to the next. We make every effort all year round to make sure that our ingredients are the finest in terms of their taste and quality.
Are the products parve? What is their kosher certification?
Achla products are Kosher Badatz She'erit Yisrael and are parve. However, we recommend that you look for the symbol on the packaging, because sometimes we market limited editions that are not parve.
Why does the price of Achla salads vary slightly from one store to the next?
The retailers in the food chains are the ones who determine the prices of the products in the store.
What is the nutritional composition of hummus?
Our dietician explains that Strauss's entire "Achla Hummus" series has undergone a nutritional reversal in the past few years, in which a new recipe was developed, based on a unique composition of more hummus with whole tahini and a very significant reduction in the amount of oil added, as well as a change of the oil we use from soy to rapeseed. This gives the hummus a unique, more natural and richer flavor, while also allowing for a 30% (!) reduction in fat content. At only 33 calories per tablespoon, this is significantly lower than the leading rival products.