The familiar, all-time favorite Elite wafers, launched in 1970 and available in a tempting variety of 15 different flavors, underwent a real makeover in late 2010, when consumers were asked to decide between the traditional name "Wafers" and the old-time moniker "Baflot".

Over one million votes were recorded in Elite's "Baflot" site as consumers sweepingly chose the latter.

Since the kickoff of the re-branding process Elite has maintained direct contact with consumers in a variety of ways. The "Baflot" comic strip is an example: Elite called on children to design their own comic strips, which would be featured on future product packaging (the campaign was communicated on the Internet, and a dedicated website was also created).

The "Baflot" brand also makes sure to innovate continuously by launching a variety of unique products for limited periods.


Elite acquires the Lieber factory and starts manufacturing Elite wafer biscuits
It's unanimous – "Baflot" is Elite!
Our "Baflot" range includes 15 different flavors

Product Family

The original chocolate flavored and lemon flavored wafer biscuits.

Basic Baflot Chocolate
Basic Baflot Chocolate