We all grew up on it. It's an iconic brand with a distinct personality: the ultimate bubble gum, the flat jokes, Bazooka Joe and the gang, the "fortunes", "Did you know…?"

Who knew back in 1947, when Bazooka® gum was launched by The Topps Company, Inc. ("Topps") in the United States, that today it would still be Israeli children's favorite bubble gum brand -- a pink icon that is an inseparable part of our childhood and culture. Bazooka® gum is a genuine classic – it blows great bubbles and thanks to Bazooka every child can't wait to celebrate his 21st birthday, simply because he's just dying to go to the moon!

In 2008,  Strauss, as an official licensee of Topps, launched a sugar-free version of Bazooka® gum, which has since been the best-selling gum in the category.


In 2012 we teamed up with the TNT clothing chain in an especially sweet, collection of Bazooka T-shirts in collaboration with the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design's fashion design department. For the first time, no one cared if they had gum on their shirt.
Since 2008 another 80 new flat jokes have been added to the Elite Bazooka repertoire. They contributed absolutely nothing.
The moon
The fortune, "You'll reach the moon by the time you're 21" was translated by the late Ruth Adler, who worked for Elite for 66 years.
Each year around 61.5 million Bazooka bubbles are blown. It's a shame that in the end, they all burst.

Variety of Products


Bazooka bubble gum is first marketed in Israel.
From now on, Bazooka bubble gum is marketed by Elite.
Elite's Bazooka bubble gum becomes "product of the month" in the USA after Bazooka has become a rare commodity..
The new sugar-free products are launched
Grape flavored sugar-free Bazooka joins the product line.
Strawberry-banana flavored sugar-free Bazooka is launched. In 2011 we decided to make good on our promise that "you'll reach the moon by the time you're 21" and launched a campaign in which the big prize was a trip to the moon.


Is the item that recently appeared in the press that says that the comic strip that comes with Bazooka gum is to be dropped true?
: We're still here – the whole gang and the jokes… At the moment, this is true only abroad.
How many people are there in Bazooka Joe's gang?
Five, including the dog.
What the names of the people in the gang?
Joe, Motti, Zvika, Nili and Dog.
What is Bazooka bubble gum made of?
The gum base in all Bazooka products is the bubble gum type. The gum is less sticky and more stretchy than regular chewing gum, allowing the consumer to blow bubbles with it.