Parra Chocolate

The brand was born in 1934 with the name "Shamnunit". It received its present name in the nineteen-fifties, after the picture of the cow adorning the wrapper. For 80 years, the popular product has accompanied generation after generation of Israelis, just like the slogan that has accompanied the brand: "Parra Chocolate – Always With You".

Over the years a variety of flavors were added, such as white chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts, dragées, popping candy and milk cream filling, allowing everyone to choose his or her own special favorite.

A bar of Parra Chocolate is sold every two seconds
The Parra Chocolate production line manufactures approximately 20,000 Parra bars per hour
Each year, 45,000,000 Parra Chocolate bars are sold
The Cow bar contains 20 cubes and one really big cube
Limited edition
In view of the upcoming millennium, in 2000 we issued a limited edition of Cow Chocolate with popping candy. Following public demand, the product is still on the shelves today…

Product Family

Milk, Milk with Hazelnuts, Milk with Dragées (Chocolate Lentils), Milk with Popping Candy, Milk with Puffed Rice, Milk with Nougat Filling, Milk with Strawberry Cream Filling, Milk with Milk Cream Filling, Aerated Milk Chocolate.


– A new Israeli chocolate is born under the brand name "Shamnunit", its packaging adorned with a picture of a cow
"Shamnunit" becomes popularly known as "Parra Chocolate". The packaging is changed and refreshed.
At the early 1980s for the first time, the familiar milk chocolate is joined by new flavors: white chocolate, chocolate with peanuts and chocolate with puffed rice, and the Parra is now known as "The Parra Family".
The Parra Chocolate gets a new bar with a big cow in the middle. This is also the beginning of the regular argument over who gets the giant cube.
The Cow gets a makeover and a new look. The family is joined by dark chocolate, white chocolate and cookies, chocolate with a milk cream filling, chocolate with a nougat filling, and other bars with various fillings.
A close-up of the Cow now adorns the packaging, and the famous cubes imprinted with the Cow also make their debut.
The Cow is refreshed again: new, tempting packaging design, new colors, and of course – a variety of wonderful flavors.