Elite's world of chocolate and confectionery is a magical one, filled with happy moments and sweet delights.

Elite's candies have been known to every child in Israel since the nineteen-thirties, when Elite's first chocolate factory was built in Ramat Gan.

Over the years the brand evolved and became the leading name in the country when it comes to confectionery and sweet snack bars. Today, Elite manufactures a broad product basket that provides a response to the leading consumption trends, Health & Wellness, Fun & Indulgence, and coffee.

Elite's first factory is built in Ramat Gan
"Shamnunit" was Elite's first chocolate name, the brand later became the highly popular, well-known "Para" (cow) chocolate
Elite enters the bakery market and launches a product line under the "Hagiga" (Celebration) brand

Product Family

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Mini Classic Pesek Zman
Mini Classic Pesek Zman


A place at the end of Ramat Gan Eliyahu Fromchenko, a Russian-born Jew who lived in Latvia, establishes a chocolate and confectionery manufacturing plant called Elite in the "city of gardens", Ramat Gan.
Chocolate from the Holy Land Elite began to manufacture chocolate for the British army and the allied forces stationed in the region. Following the local success of "Shamnunit", Elite began exporting chocolate to Jewish communities abroad.
Elite is in Nazareth, too Elite bought the C.D. confectionery factory in Nazareth. The acquisition of C.D. was a milestone in Elite's development, as it increased the company's output and production capacity in the growing market of the young Israeli state.
The biggest company in the confectionery market Abba Fromchenko, Eliyahu's son, and Mark Mosevics, son of the co-founding Mosevics family, begin working together. Their collaboration was to lead Elite to become the biggest company in the Israeli coffee and confectionery market.
How sweet it is… Elite merges with Lieber in exchange for 4% of Elite's shares. Thus, Elite became the leading company and the biggest (and virtually exclusive) manufacturer in the Israeli confectionery market.
Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Recognizing that a big company is obligated to help the community in the spheres of education and culture, Elite management decided to sponsor the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team.
On the battlefront, at the forefront of the economy During the Yom Kippur War Elite continued to manufacture and supply its products to the security forces and the civilian market. That same year Elite went public, raising $3.2 million in a share and capital note issue.
Megadim for the ultra-Orthodox sector Elite launched the Megadim series – chocolate and confectionery for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sector, manufactured under strict kosher guidelines which included supervision from milking through to packaging
Elite bakes up a storm Elite enters the cookie segment of the bakery market and launches a product line under the "Hagiga" (Celebration) brand.
Strauss-Elite, the merger! Under the management of Ofra Strauss and Erez Vigodman the biggest merger in the Israeli food market was consummated, creating the second largest food company in the country with a strong, growing home base in Israel, supporting impressive international growth.