Energy – Temptation doesn’t stand a chance

Usually our busy daily schedule leaves no time for three proper meals a day, leading us to prefer a convenient, quick snack over real concern for our nutrition and energy. Sometimes we feel short on energy and the need for available, tasty and healthy food. Energy cereal bars are precisely for times like these and are especially suitable considering our modern lifestyle.

You can enjoy an Energy bar at home too while you relax on the couch or are busy in the kitchen. Energy offers a variety of granola and muesli bars rich in grains, fruit and nuts. Additionally, Energy's granola and muesli are an ideal solution for breakfast with milk or yogurt, for a between-meals snack, or when you simply feel like something tasty.

Energy bars combine a variety of cereals with fruit or nuts and have a naturally prebiotic effect which increases the levels of friendly bacteria in the gut by creating a fertile environment for their activity
Mild hunger
A cereal bar is an ideal solution for that mild hunger that attacks us between meals
Crunchy granola contains a combination of cereals and 50% fruit and nuts
Energy granola contains assorted grains that have been subjected to a process that contributes to their crunchiness and to the unique taste of the granola
Energy muesli is rich in nutritional ingredients and is a high quality energy source

Product Family

Mixed Nuts, Mixed Fruit, Mixed Nuts on a Chocolate Base, Mixed Nuts on a 60% Dark Chocolate Base, Mixed Nuts Coated in Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts Coated in Milk Chocolate, Mixed Nuts and Cranberries Coated in 60% Dark Chocolate.


When should Energy be eaten?
Any time! When you're at work, before sports or a workout or at school, to start the day, on your way to have fun or whenever you need to recharge your batteries. We all need a nutritious, tasty boost sometimes
What are granola and muesli?
Granola and muesli are an oat-based mixture of healthy grains. The difference between them is in how they are manufactured:
  • Granola is lightly toasted and is dark brown in color
  • Muesli is natural and has the basic color of oats
Why are Energy bars healthy?
Because of their nutritional values. All our new bars are enriched with iron and three vitamins of the B group, and contain assorted cereals and dietary fiber which boost feelings of fullness and contribute to a healthy digestive system. Because they help keep us healthy. The iron, folic acid and Vitamin B12 maintain the quantity and quality of the red corpuscles and help prevent anemia. Because they stimulate us. The carbohydrates in Energy bars provide the body with long-term energy, but the bar is easily digested and doesn't cause that sleepy feeling you get after a heavy meal.  
Are Energy bars also suitable for athletes?
A tip from our dietician: Before exercising, it's a good idea to have a cereal bar, which provides both simple and complex carbohydrates – the complex carbs provide energy for the duration of your workout, while the simple ones provide an immediate boost as you start out.  
How does an Energy bar fit in with my daily diet?
A tip from our dietician: Grains are at the foundation of the food pyramid. A cereal bar provides a daily opportunity for the consumption of a nutritionally rich food which is at the basis of daily recommendations.  
Can an Energy bar serve as a substitute for breakfast?
A tip from our dietician: We recommend starting the day with a breakfast rich in grains. For those of you who are in a hurry, a hot drink and a cereal bar will do the job.
What kinds of cereal do Energy bars contain?

Energy cereal bars contain a variety of grains such as oats, wheat, etc., each of which has its own unique contribution to health and to creating a feeling fullness.