Gamadim – the only product of its kind with the unique composition of iron, zinc, vitamins and calcium, especially adapted for children.

The "Gamadim" brand is based on white cheese 5%, which is a food with high nutritional value that is rich in protein and contributes to a feeling of satiation and promotes growth.

"Gamadim" is manufactured with a variety of natural fruit purees, with no added artificial food colorings or preservatives, no stabilizers, and with a low sugar content.

"Gamadim" products have a unique composition that is essential for the child's development.

An essential mineral that converts blood sugar into energy and is critical for the proper development of the brain and mental function. Iron contributes to a sense of alertness, motivation and concentration, to mental, motor and emotional development, to resistance against infection. Iron levels during childhood have a decisive influence on the child's future functioning.
Zinc activates the infrastructure that produces proteins, enzymes and hormones and influences metabolic function and energy. Zinc influences growth, learning, memory, appetite and the immune system, and is particularly essential during periods of growth and cell production.
Vitamin D
Essential for the absorption of calcium by the body, for building strong, dense bones and for the storage of minerals in the body. It contributes to muscle activity, the metabolism and immune system processes.
Vitamin A
Essential for good eyesight, cell production and the proper functioning of the immune system. It's important for the health of the skin, for the healing of wounds, growth of the bones, hair and teeth, and contributes to thinking processes and the function and absorption of zinc.
Calcium is essential for the growth, development and maintenance of bones and teeth, muscle activity, control over nerve sensitivity, enzymes and many intracellular activities. Calcium is highly important for the growth, elongation and strengthening of the bones.

Variety of Products


Gamadim was born of collaboration with the international Danone Group and is a German Danone concept – a cheese-based dessert for toddlers
Gamadim was launched and built the toddler dessert category in Israel. The unique composition was especially developed for the Israeli toddler and is tailored to consumption habits and the climate (in conjunction with dietitian Dr. Niva Shapira).
Even after the launch of a rival brand, Gamadim remains the leading brand in the category.


From what age can the child be fed Gamadim?
The Ministry of Health guidelines recommend that the child be fed dairy products from the age of 9 months.
What is the recommended amount of calcium for toddlers aged two to three years?
The recommended amount of calcium at this age (in fact from the age of 12 months) is 500mg calcium/day. A cup of milk, a slice of yellow cheese and yogurt or a dairy dessert will provide more or less the required amount.
Should children be raised without any milk or dairy? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
The greatest advantage of dairy products, in addition to the high quality protein they contain, is their calcium content. Dairy products are the primary source of calcium, especially among children. The Western diet finds no disadvantages in dairy products.
My child won't eat. Should I force him or distract him in order to feed him?
When the child doesn't want to eat it's important to respect his wishes and not force food on him. When you force a child to eat you may gain a few calories, but you lose far more, because the child understands that food is also a means of aggravating or pleasing his parents. Next time, he is liable to react by shutting his mouth far more determinedly, and no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to force feed him.
Should one add spices to an infant's food?
No spices should be added to the baby's soup. If the soup isn't meat based, a drop of oil may be added.
My five year-old won't touch vegetables and will only eat fruit. Is it enough?
Fruit is a source of vitamins that is no less important, so if your child eats fruit that's excellent. Keep on exposing him to vegetables. For example, eat vegetables at family meals even without offering him any, and with time, there will be an improvement.