Milky, the perfect combination of chocolate and whipped cream.

The only one that is Irresistible! Milky creates that special moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure, again and again and again.

Despite its long history Milky's secret and magic have not diminished, it's an indulgence that's worth fighting for, so…Never, ever leave it on its own…

Behind Milky's uncontested position is an amazing, unique and virtually unrivalled success story.

A love that has lasted since 1979. When Strauss Milky was born after a long development process. Comprehensive research among teens revealed that young people wanted a whipped cream dessert. The secret behind the cream is kept in the safe to this very day!

Strauss alone succeeded in cracking the secret of manufacturing commercial whipped cream. Thus began Milky's promise of real, pampering whipped cream, completely captivating consumers' hearts.

The best-selling Milky, after thirty years, remains the legendary Classic Chocolate.

However, as leader of the dessert category Milky is committed to keep on innovating and surprising. To each his own Milky: Milky Black, Light & Fluffy Milky, Milky Top, Upside Down Milky, Milky Whipped Cream, Milky Extra and many more creative variations on the Milky theme.

Milky is first launched. Milky has been a best-seller for over 30 years. The development process was preceded by comprehensive research conducted among teens, which showed that they wanted a whipped cream dessert.
The cream
The secret behind the whipped cream is one of the most safeguarded at Strauss. Only 5 people are privy to the secret recipe. Research has shown that the Israeli consumer considers Strauss Milky's whipped cream the ideal whipped cream. The Israeli consumer wants as much whipped cream as possible in the product. Each consumer has his own special way of eating Milky.
All Milky commercials feature the motif "The Battle of the Milky". The commercials have become a genre in their own right and are very popular among Israeli consumers.

Variety of Products

Milky Top Megulgelet
Milky Top Megulgelet