MUST chewing gum is a young brand, whose credo is turning every routine moment into a moment of fun. MUST is forever reinventing itself with delicious, fun fruit flavors and novel concepts, limited editions for the summer (popsicles), and different, innovative shapes (chewing gum in cubes?!) that help decorate our world with colors and experiences and make life a little more interesting, and mainly – refreshing.

Not many people know this, but chewing gum is one of the oldest candies in the world
Israel leads
Israel is one of the leading countries in the world in chewing gum consumption per capita, along with the USA and Ireland
Today, sales of sugarless chewing gum account for 90% of all chewing gum sales

Product Family

Flavors include watermelon and melon, cola, cherry, raspberry lemon, and other surprising flavors.

Watermelon and Melon
Watermelon and Melon


The chewing gum world gets a makeover – MUST is born…
MUST undergoes a branding process and focuses on fruit and fun versus the functionality of Orbit, helping it to win an important prize for effective marketing
A new series featuring the tastes of famous alcoholic cocktails is launched, with 3 different flavors in each pack.
The Mood series with natural plant essence is launched.
The Extra-Sour series is launched.
MUST Cubes is launched, and quickly becomes a dazzling success.


When did industrial production of chewing gum begin?
Industrial production of chewing gum for commercial purposes was developed in the USA in the late 19th century. The gum was placed in huge vats, mixed with sugar and flavoring and coloring agents, and became chewing gum as we know it today.  
What other uses does chewing gum have?
What is really special about chewing gum is that it isn't only a candy but has a long list of uses, including – it's a relaxant that releases tension, helps wakefulness and concentration, helps to quit smoking, helps oral hygiene, stimulates saliva production and thus prevents dry mouth, alleviates pressure in the ears during flights, satisfies the need for a small snack, serves as a game by keeping your mouth busy (blowing bubbles, for example), and is even beneficial in problematic situations – there's a famous story about a British plane that was crossing the Atlantic, whose pilot was saved when he plugged a hole in the aircraft's radiator with chewed gum…  
Do people chew gum as a mouth freshener or for fun?
Many years have passed since chewing gum made its debut, but the reasons for chewing have remained the same. Roughly, they can be divided into two: chewing gum as a mouth freshener, and chewing gum for enjoyment. Mint chewing gums and gum with functional benefits (teeth whitening, preventing bad breath, etc.) leave your mouth feeling fresh. In this context it is worth noting that as opposed to today, when sugarless chewing gum is acknowledged as healthy for the teeth, in the past the popular kinds of gum contained sugar. That's why it's no surprise that today, sales of sugarless chewing gum account for 90% of all chewing gum sales.   But the feeling of enjoyment is no less important than the feeling of freshness. Chewing gum comes in a variety of flavors, textures, shapes, packaging experiences… virtually anything you can imagine.