Obela was created via a successful partnership between Strauss Group and PepsiCo, derived by a common vision to share the world through fresh Dips& Spreads.

Obela Company aspires to lead the development and growth of the Fresh and Wholesome Dips and Spreads Category with hummus at the core in order to become the leading Company in every market we operate in.

We have learned from our consumers that health and taste are often at odds with each other, as most healthy foods are considered to be boring and tasty foods are often guilt inducing. This is why Obela makes people feel good – it is a fun and healthy food packed with great flavors – to make eating occasions happier every single day.

Tasty:  There is so much more to Obela though than its nutritional health properties.  Of course, it’s good for you, but, it’s also a fun and incredibly delicious product.  Consumers tell us that Obela is a delightful smooth blend of the exciting flavors that come from mixing chickpea, sesame, and other spices together and cooked until achieving a creamy texture that dissolves in your mouth.

Healthy:  “Wholesome” demonstrates that there is an inherent nutritional goodness associated without our specific type of happiness – and that’s special.  Obela “Wholesome Happiness” is where contentment and satisfaction meets guilt-free indulgence.

Versatile:  What’s more – hummus is versatile and super-informal which makes it one of the most fun foods around.  It tastes fresh and great, the flavors are vibrant and it goes with everything – allowing for creative experimentation.  This is why we can identify amazing local flavors and make hummus relevant to any market. Garlic might be the favorite of the Australians, while Mexicans love the heat of the chipotle!

The combination of these elemental truths make Obela seriously powerful product in culinary climate where snacking, informal eating, health awareness and an adventurous interest in global cuisine is on the rise.

The Obela brand is born from the positioning of "Wholesome Happiness Every Day.”
Little moment
Obela hummus is the world’s tastiest hummus, packed with natural goodness that’s fun to eat and creates little moments of uplift – a happiness you can not only taste, but also feel.
Trio of truths
Our positioning strategy is built on a powerful “trio of truths” that’s derived from this amazing product itself – it is tasty, healthy and incredibly versatile.


In 2011, Obela Global was created. Strauss and PepsiCo decided to foster further successful growth of the business via a very strong partnership and capabilities: Together, they bring an in-depth expertise in superior product development and processes to manufacture fresh foods; unique expertise on how to manage supply chain; an extensive international reach, just to name a few.
In December 2011 Obela Australia was incorporated
In June 2012 Obela launched three varieties of Hummus in the Mexican market (chipotle, red peppers and plain) and now almost a year after, Obela Mexico has reached the same market share as the competitor.