Hello, We Are Sabra

And our passion is to bring different flavors to your table with our family of dips and spreads. We start with authentic recipes, and use fresh ingredients to create gourmet products that bring a taste of the world to the everyday.


Dip Life to the Fullest

There’s a whole wide world of flavor out there, and Sabra invites you to experience it–one dip at a time. Inspired by flavors from around the globe, Sabra’s dips are authentic and made with the freshest ingredients and most delicious spices. With Sabra’s amazing range of flavors, you can dip life to the fullest.



Product Family

Classic Hummus
Sabra is established
Sabra was founded by two partners, Zohar Norman, an ex-Israeli, and the Yanko family, then owners of the Israeli packaged salads and spreads brand, Tzabar. Norman, the entrepreneur behind the enterprise, bought a franchise to use the brand name. The initial idea was to bring the tasty and healthy Mediterranean cuisine into people’s everyday lives, namely hummus, eggplant spreads and vegetarian side dishes. In 1993 Yehuda Pearl became a partner in Sabra, and took the company to the next level in its development in the North American market.
America loves hummus
Strauss entered the North American food market after signing a partnership agreement and acquiring 51% of Sabra, as yet another step in realizing the Group's international expansion strategy. Strauss brought with it know-how and an approach to marketing that led to the growth of the brand and of the entire category.
Acquisition of Carousel
Strauss acquired Carousel Foods of America through its subsidiary, Sabra. Carousel is a New York company that specializes in dairy dips.
PepsiCo becomes a partner in the hummus revolution
Strauss signed a 50/50 partnership agreement with PepsiCo for the development, manufacture and marketing of refrigerated dips and spreads in the USA and Canada through Sabra. The agreement has taken hummus, eggplants and Middle Eastern dips and spreads from Israel straight to the shelves of America's leading supermarket chains and into the homes of American consumers.
The world's biggest and most advanced salad plant is established in Virginia
Strauss Group inaugurated Sabra's new dips and spreads plant, considered the biggest and most sophisticated of its kind in the world, with co-owner PepsiCo Frito-Lay. The plant, built with an investment of $70 million, is a green factory and is certified under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program.
Establishment of a Center of Excellence in Virginia for R&D in the hummus, dips and spreads category
In a formal ceremony attended by the Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonell, Strauss Group Chairperson Ofra Strauss, Sabra CEO Ronen Zohar and other senior executives from Sabra and PepsiCo, the cornerstone was laid for the Center of Excellence R&D facility in Virgina.
Sabra leads the North American hummus market
In the same year, Sabra launched the Center of Excellence (COE) research and development facility in Virginia, designed to further research capabilities and improve the entire production process in hummus and refrigerated dips and spreads.