The Splendid chocolate brand is known for its superior taste and the top-quality ingredients used to create it.

Splendid gets its unique taste and aroma from 5 premium types of cocoa beans, which come from Central America, West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Splendid has won chocolate competitions in Israel for two years in a row, and sampling tests conducted by the TNS Institute in December 2011 established it as the chocolate brand preferred by consumers.

Splendid is made of 5 types of cocoa beans which create its unique taste and aroma
Splendid won chocolate competitions in Israel, two years in a row
Splendid's superior dark chocolate contains up to 85% cocoa solids

Product Family

Splendid offers a variety of products that are a real indulgence for everyday occasions and special ones.

Chocolate 85% cocoa solids
Chocolate 85% cocoa solids