Strauss Water

Strauss Water  is a world leading expert in water, offering top quality, great tasting, purified drinking-water solutions. We develop, produce and market environmentally-friendly, drinking-water heating and cooling WaterBars for in-home and business use. The company was established in 2009 with the merger of Strauss Group’s H2Q venture and Tana Industries (which had been acquired by Strauss). Strauss Water is considered technological leader in drinking water solutions. Our proprietary technological developments include water purification Maze technology, "which takes out the bad and keeps in the good in water". We operate in over 10 countries including China, UK and Israel. In China, we collaborated with Haier Group to introduce our WaterMaker line. In 2011 we partnered with Richard Branson's Virgin Group to market our products in the UK under the "Virgin Pure improving life with Strauss Water " brand.

Variety of Products

Bubble PLUS
Bubble PLUS


Tana Industries is founded at Kibbutz NetivHaLemed-Heh‎ in Israel.
We developed our first home water appliance: Tami 3.
Tami4 is patented in the USA and became the gold standard of WaterBars in Israel.
Strauss Group acquires Tana Industries. Strauss Water is founded by the merger of Tana with Strauss Group’s H2Q venture.
Strauss Water of the Strauss Group signs an agreement with Haier, the Chinese electronics giant, to establish a joint venture in China for home drinking water solutions. The joint venture is active in the marketing, sale and servicing of Strauss Water products in China. The new company, Haier Strauss Water, launched its first products in the Chinese market in 2011 under the name WaterMaker.
At the end of the year Strauss Water of the Strauss Group signed an agreement with a company of the Virgin Group, one of the world's largest investment companies, to establish a joint venture. The partnership, which is based on Strauss Water's operation in the UK (established in 2004) deals in the marketing, sale and servicing of Strauss Water products in the UK.