The taste of Yotvata comes to you all the way from the kibbutz in the heart of the desert. The clean air, the peace and tranquility, the breathtaking scenery and the vast open spaces that embrace you with every sip and taste, bring that magical place all the way to you.

Is there anyone who doesn't know the taste of Yotvata? The taste of the chocolate milk that has been sold at the small inn at the entrance to the kibbutz since the nineteen-sixties, the taste that has made this a "must stop" for anyone traveling to Eilat. The combination of expertise and the demand for uncompromising quality has enabled us to create a variety of rich tastes that leave you longing for more.

In the past few years we have succeeded in connecting the nostalgia of the brand with the taste experience to create marketing innovation and expand into new categories.

"The taste of Yotvata" is also our key message in all marketing channels, coupled with emphasis on the longing for the brand.

The Dairy was established in 1962 and supplied its products to the settlements in the area and to Eilat. Since 1998, the Dairy has been jointly owned by Strauss and Kibbutz Yotvata
Only two people know the code to the safe in the kibbutz, where the Yotvata chocolate milk formula is kept
In 2012 Yotvata Dairy celebrated its 50th birthday
The original formula behind the taste of Yotvata chocolate milk was developed 40 years ago and hasn't changed since
The name Yotvata is mentioned in the bible in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 10, verse 7, as one of the stations visited by the Israelites following their exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land: "From there they traveled to Gudgodah, and from Gudgodah to Jotbathah, a place of flowing streams

Product Family

Yotvata continues to innovate with special tastes that are a special indulgence, year after year. You'll experience the wonderful taste of Yotvata milk drinks with every sip. Mmm… the taste of Yotvata

Shoko bag
Shoko bag


Establishment of the Nahal settlement
In 1951 a decision was made to establish a Nahal settlement [Nahal, acronym of Noar Halutzi Lohem ("Fighting Pioneer Youth") is an Israeli Defense Forces program that combines military service with the establishment of new agricultural settlements] in the heart of the Arava plain. It was also decided that in the future, the settlement would be called "Yotvata". The name comes from the bible: "And they went from Horhagidgad, and pitched in Jotbathah. And they removed from Jotbathah, and encamped at Ebronah" (Book of Numbers, chapter 33, verse 33-34).
Founding of Kibbutz Yotvata at the site of the Ein Radian settlement
In December 1957 the Nahal settlement Ein Radian was civilianized, and its name changed to Kibbutz Yotvata.
In the early years of Kibbutz Yotvata we tried to grow fruit trees and different kinds of vegetables, which would be compatible with the soil conditions, water and desert climate. As these turned out not to be suited to the soil and saline water and required that the soil be flushed, ultimately we abandoned them. Today we grow dates, onions, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, and fodder crops for our cowsheds.
The first children born on the kibbutz
In 1960 the first children were born on the kibbutz, Yotvata's first generation, who would in time be proud of the kibbutz where they were born as the home of one of Israel's leading dairies.
Moving from shacks to houses, construction of the dining room
Three years after the kibbutz was established, we decided to move out of the shacks and start building houses. To make sure no one went hungry, the kibbutz dining room was built in the same year. And yes, milk was also on the menu…
Establishment of the Yotvata Dairy
Uri Horazo (OBM) was the living spirit behind the planning, execution and operation of the Dairy. Only someone like Uri, a man of vision and confidence who possessed the power of persuasion and execution could lead and get this complex project off the ground in the tough desert conditions.
Establishment of the Dairy
In the early years, the Dairy produced 50-80 thousand liters per year (around 3,000 liters a day) to meet the needs of the market in Eilat. The number of employees was small – there were only four!
Letters from Tnuva
Just as everyone had foreseen and like every beginning, things were difficult. We collected the milk in canisters we borrowed from different companies.
Construction of a compound for the sale of beverages, the forerunner of the "Yotvata Inn" of today
In 1965 a vending machine compound for the sale of milk drinks produced by the Dairy was opened at Yotvata. Over the years, it evolved into what is today known as "Yotvata Inn"
Yotvata Mocha – the first dairy beverage made in Israel
The Dairy grew, and Yotvata's first mocha beverage became available in 1965 (and has been, ever since). Initially, the drink was sold only in glass bottles! Eventually, we began filling our Mocha milk drink in bags and cartons (today it's also available in plastic bottles). Did you know that the first milk beverage manufactured before Mocha's debut was milk with honey?
Production of the first chocolate milk ("Choco") begins
Yotvata Dairy's first bottle of chocolate milk was launched in 1968. Initially, the drink was sold in glass bottles, followed by bags, and today our Choco is sold in bottles, bags and cartons.
Yotvata becomes a national dairy. Our products are available to every home in Israel
In 1979 the Dairy began marketing its product range in Beersheba, central and northern Israel.
The Diary's product range grows
Once marketing became more extensive the Dairy grew, and we now manufacture puddings, whipped cream desserts, flavored yogurts and yogurt with fruit.
Since 1991 we have also produced a broad variety of desserts, yogurts with fruit, plain and flavored cheeses, fruit and yogurt based beverages, and more...
In 1995 we innovated with different kinds of milk, including calcium enriched, Vitamin D enriched, and with different fat contents.
In 1997 Strauss became a partner in the Dairy
In time, the company's logo underwent changes. The first milk bags in 1967 bore an illustration of a clover leaf, which was replaced by the famous palm trees and sun, and in 1998 the logo was given the desert and sky background which now graces every Yotvata product
Innovative pasteurization technology
In 1999 we began using an innovative pasteurization technology which prolongs the products' shelf life, a move that led to considerable streamlining in the marketing of our products.
Our Spokesmodel
In 1999 actor Michael Hanegbi was hired as Yotvata's spokesmodel.
Launch of Choco in a children's bottle
Yotvata launches Choco in a special kids' bottle, because why should adults have all the fun?
The virtual kibbutz
In summer 2010 Yotvata launched the virtual kibbutz community on Facebook. Within a very short time, it became one of the biggest online brand communities in Israel.
New launch
Yotvata launches the cold coffee drink series
More innovative products
Yotvata Dairy continues to innovate for our consumers' pleasure, expanding the range of top-quality, delicious products
Celebrating 50
Yotvata Dairy celebrated its 50th birthday with the launch of a nostalgic Choco edition featuring retro design and historical photos from the Dairy.