Our Portfolio

Strauss Group is an international corporation with a portfolio of four companies, which provide a response to two leading world trends – Health & Wellness, and Fun & Indulgence.

Strauss manages and develops its business in order to offer a wide range of quality Food & Beverage brands to the entire populations, which are marketed through various commercial channels.

The Group has 14,000 employees worldwide, is active in more than 20 countries.The Group’s turnover is estimated at NIS 8.5 billion in 2017, of which its international operations account for 50%.

Strauss has collaborations with Danone, PepsiCo, Haier and Virgin..

Strauss Group is traded on the Tel Aviv 35 Index, which includes Israel’s largest public companies, and has an liAA+ credit rating.

Our companies

Strauss Israel

As an international company whose home base is in Israel, Strauss is considered the largest Food & Beverage company in Israel. Strauss Israel is active in a variety of Fields of Activity, ranging from milk and milk products through fresh Dips & Spreads, salty snacks and confectionery, to coffee, water, olive oil, honey – and more. The Company’s brands in all its core categories command a leading position in the Israeli food market and include many of the Israeli public’s favorite and most nostalgic products.

Strauss Israel operates some 20 sites, which include manufacturing facilities and logistic centers located from Safed in the north to Yotvata and Eilat in the south. The Company’s products are distributed through around 13,000 points of sale. In Israel, Strauss employs around 5,000 people.

Over the years, Strauss has devoted many resources with the aim of delivering the best of innovation and quality to the Israeli consumer’s table, meticulously observing the most advanced standards in the world in the development and manufacture of food products.


Management Team

Eyal Dror
Eyal Dror
CEO Strauss Israel

  Born: 1970 Education: B.A. in Communication & Management; MBA majoring in Marketing Previous Positions: Marketing Manager, Institutional Market (01-02); “‘On-the-Go” Manager (03-05); Manager, AFH Consumption Category (06-07); Private Market & Distribution Manager (08-09); VP Sales (09-13); CEO Confectionery Division (13-17).

Alona Magor-shoham
Alona Magor-shoham
VP Human Resources Strauss Israel


Education: BA in Sociology (cum laude), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1995; MSc in Organizational Behavior, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University, 1999.

Previous positions: HRBP2 in the Sales Division, Strauss Israel (2005-2007); HRBP1 in Israel Coffee (2007-2010), the Dairies Division, the Fresh Foods Division and the Human Resources organization in Strauss Israel (2010-2012); HRBP1 in the Sales Division, Strauss Israel (2012-2016).

Iftach Atzmon
Iftach Atzmon
CEO Strauss Fresh Foods

Born: 1975
Education: Degree in Philosophy
Previous positions:
2016-2018 – HQ and Innovation Manager in the Confectionery Division
2010-2016 – Manager, Confectionery Plant and Supply Chain, Max Brenner
2006-2010 – Division Manager in the Confectionery Plant

Ariel Chetrit
Ariel Chetrit
CFO Strauss Israel


Born: 1971
Education: MBA in Finance and Accounting, CPA
Previous Positions: CPA in the Accounting & Reporting Division, Israel Securities Authority (97-03); Professional Department Manager, Corporate Division, Israel Securities Authority (03-05); Managing Partner, real estate brokerage firm abroad (05-07); Controller and Treasurer, Strauss Group (08-10).

Dana Meir
Dana Meir
VP Digital Strauss Israel

Education: BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University and MBA with Marketing major from Bar Ilan University.

Previous positions: As part of her role as VP Digital and Customers in the Marketing and Business Development Division at Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd., Dana headed the digital channel for clients and distribution channels and was responsible for marketing and sales management in the digital platforms and for management of the customer experience and the CRM program. She previously served as VP Customers in the Marketing and Business Development Division, in which capacity she was involved in innovation in the company, led the process of building Migdal’s strategy, and other spheres.

Moshe Riany
Moshe Riany
VP Supply Chain Strauss Israel


Born: 1970
Education: Economics and Business Administration
Previous Positions: Variety of positions at Hogla-Kimberly, including BU Manager, VP Sales & Logistics, VP Supply Chain (83-05); CEO of Graffiti Office Equipment & Paper Marketing Ltd. of the American Israeli Paper Mills group (05-07).

Raanan Kovalsky
Raanan Kovalsky
VP Sales Strauss Israel


Born: 1969
Education: B.A. in Business Management, majoring in Finance
Previous Positions: Manager, DTS Salty Snacks sales team (97-99); North Branch Manager (99-01); TM Manager (01-03); Manager, DTS Salty Snacks (03-07); National Sales Manager, Salty Snacks (07-11); Trade Manager, Sales Division (11-13).

Daniel Singer
Daniel Singer
CEO Strauss Frito-Lay


Born: 1964
Education: B.A. in Economics and Business administration; M.A. in Economics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Previous Positions: Financial positions in Strauss Sales Division (97-01); Planning and Control, Strauss Group (01-05); CFO Strauss Israel (05-10); Marketing Director, Strauss Frito-Lay (10-13).

Eli Itzkin
Eli Itzkin
CEO Strauss Dairies


Born: 1967
Previous Positions: Various roles in the Sales Division (1996-2009), Key Account Manager, Retail Marketing Manager (2009-2010), Strategy Manager in the Health & Wellness Division (2010), CEO of Strauss Fresh Foods (2010-2016).

Elad Komissar
Elad Komissar
CEO Elite Coffee

Date of birth: 1973

Education: LLB; MBA, specialization in strategy and financing

Previous positions: VP Business Development, Strauss Group; Amdocs Cloud & Digital Services Division (2009-2011); VP Business Development (M&A), Amdocs (2006-2009); Partnership Manager, Amdocs (2005-2006); Business Development Manager, Microsoft Europe (2004-2005); Attorney at law (2000-2003)

Itai Englander
Itai Englander
CEO Confectionery Division


Previous positions: Itai joined Strauss about 20 years ago, starting out as Project Manager in the Logistics Division. He has since filled a series of key positions in logistics and operations, and following the establishment of the Operations Division in Israel, he was appointed Manager of the Fun & Indulgence Operations Cluster.