We're sensitive to the needs of the gluten-sensitive public. Every year, we improve our capabilities and increase the range of our products that are adapted for consumption by people who are sensitive to gluten. The following products are labeled as containing less than 20 ppm of gluten and are therefore suitable for consumption by celiac sufferers: All types of Mekupelet chocolate bars, Parra (Cow) milk chocolate and Megadim dark chocolate (with the flower symbol), all types of Tapuchips manufactured since February 2013 (except for Tapuchips Kids), the entire range of Achla salads (not including the dips), Chocolite drink powder, Mekupelet flavored instant coffee, chocolate-banana Chocolite, cocoa powder, "Chico" powder. ** Before consuming the product, make sure to read the labeling on the packaging to be sure that the legend is there.
Strauss has a broad variety of products that can be included in a healthy diet in general, and for people who watch their intake of carbohydrates and fats in particular.
In the dairy category there is a variety of products: natural yogurts and fruit yogurts containing 0%-3% fat and a range of levels of carbohydrates. Some of the yogurts (0%) bear the symbol of the Israeli Diabetes Association. Dairy chilled desserts with no added sugar such as Taanug, milk drinks such as Café Latte Zero, Choco 250 ml 0%.
The prepared dips & spreads category includes a broad variety of hummus and vegetable salads that contain rapeseed (canola) oil, which have a significantly reduced fat content compared to other products on the market.
In the confectionery category we offer a broad range of chocolate bars and tablets in different sizes, such as Chocolate Fingers or our 92 chocolate bar, in which the carbohydrate content per portion is lower than in other products.
For people who watch their total carbohydrate and fat intake, we recommend that before consuming a product, take a look at the nutritional values and consult your doctor or dietician in order to tailor the products to your daily diet.
Calcium is also absorbed from products with 0% fat. The fat in the milk does not affect calcium absorption, and the mineral is absorbed from high-fat and low-fat dairy products alike.
Calcium is absorbed without Vitamin D through passive absorption, and when a person suffers from a Vitamin D deficiency the effect of the lactose (milk sugar) in dairy products on calcium absorption increases. Clinical studies have proved that the consumption of low-fat dairy products has a positive influence on our bones.
Check whether milk powder, lactose or whey is included in the list of ingredients.
The advantage of industrial production is the ability to keep products completely clean. This is how dairy products are manufactured all over the world. The milk (and other raw materials) are pasteurized (heated to a high temperature), which ensures the product's microbial cleanliness.
From the moment the product is pasteurized it is no longer exposed to the outside air, which guarantees its absolute cleanliness when it is packaged. The product stays this way until it is opened.
Whey powder, which is present in plain milk chocolate, is a product of the dairy industry which is composed mainly of lactose – milk sugar – and a very small amount of proteins and minerals. The whey powder gives milk chocolate and its sweetness a milder taste.
Freeze-dried coffee products are cooked like regular instant coffee, and undergo freeze-drying only afterwards.
All kinds of instant coffee can be used on Shabbat, but there are two rabbinical issues regarding how the product should be consumed: Hot water should not be poured on the coffee, or coffee placed in a third vessel.
We don't add caffeine to our chocolate products. Cocoa is a natural product and we do not add anything to it (or remove anything from it).
According to data in the literature, 100 grams of milk chocolate contain around 20 mg of caffeine, and dark chocolate – around 70 mg.
For comparison's sake, a cup of coffee contains between 70 and 100 mg of caffeine, which means that you would have to eat 350 g (!) of milk chocolate to consume the amount of caffeine that is present in a single cup of coffee!
Agglomerated coffee is coffee to which, after being dried, powder is added, and then an additional steam belt or steam curtain process is applied, which causes the particles to bind together, thus forming granules. Freeze-dried instant coffee is manufactured using an innovative technique to dry the coffee. The thick, concentrated liquid coffee is frozen at very low temperatures. The water is extracted in a controlled process, yielding large, golden coffee crystals.
Robusta is a resilient, strong coffee plant, and is the second most common species in the world. Around 25% of all coffee sold worldwide is Robusta, which is native to West Africa but is today also grown in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia.
The beans are dome-like and round and are light green in color. Robusta is bitter in taste, has a high caffeine content (2%-4.5%) and a thick crema (the layer of foam on the surface of a shot of espresso). It is considered inferior to the Arabica species.
Arabica comes from Ethiopia and Yemen and is the most common coffee species in the world, accounting for around 75% of coffee sold all over the globe. The taste and fragrance of the beans are richer. Arabica is considered the leading coffee in terms and quality and taste. It contains less caffeine than Robusta and is characterized by sweeter tastes, relatively little crema, and a mild bitterness.
According to the Standards Institution of Israel, there is a defined standard for decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee is coffee that contains up to 0.3% caffeine.
There is no heating in the collection and extraction of honey. The wax cappings of the honeycomb are removed, and the honey is extracted from the honeycomb by centrifugal force.
Adults: 1-2 teaspoons, twice daily. Children under 1 year of age: 1 teaspoon, twice daily.
Royal jelly contains proteins that decompose in hot water.
To maintain the product's unique properties, consumption with a teaspoon or in yogurt/fruit salad, etc., is recommended.
Dip the jar in hot water (not boiling)
Refrigeration may cause olive oil to crystallize. Crystallization is not a condition for or an indication of the quality of the oil. The reason for the difference in the tendency of different varieties to crystallize is the order and location of the fatty acids in the triglycerides, in addition to structural symmetry.
The purity of the oil is tested by qualified laboratories. Yad Mordechai performs the most stringent tests and conforms to all sections of the international standard.
Confitures consist of at least 45% fruit, which is cooked in sugar.
During the cooking process, the mixture thickens until the sugar congeals. Confitures are rich in texture and made of whole or roughly chopped fruit, which maintains its original shape even after being stewed.
This differs from the process of making jam, which contains 35% fruit and in which the fruit is crushed or mashed during cooking until a uniform puree is obtained, without any lumps of fruit.
Yad Mordechai's fruit purees contain 100% natural fruit cooked with fructose, containing no white sugar, flavoring agents or any other additives.

Strauss Water and its products are green by definition, simply by saving the massive
environmental pollution caused by bottled mineral water. We also comply with a
number of international green standards and make sure to adopt the most up-to-date
environmental standards. Read about it here.

The company's products reach a full boil when the Extra Hot button is used, and are a convenient substitute for waiting for the kettle to boil. As for feeding water to infants of up to one year of age, we recommend that you consult the Ministry of Health or your well-baby clinic, as they are the authorities when infants are at issue.
Mineral water in bottles and from dispensers contains no fluoride at all. Babies who are fed infant formula only, which is prepared with mineral water, are at risk of fluoride deficiency.

Water from Strauss Water's bars is tap water that undergoes a process of rigorous
screening and cleaning and reaches the customer free of chloride and impurities, but
with all the natural minerals. Mineral water is drawn directly from wells or springs,
with no filtration or purification, and is bottled directly in plastic bottles.

All drinking water, including tap water and water that is called "mineral water" basically includes the same salts in compositions and concentrations that depend on the environment where the water flows. Water is the "universal solvent" and carries different minerals washed away from the rocks with which it comes into contact in its natural environment, and this is the factor that determines its natural quality. About two-thirds of the planet is covered in water, which is called the "hydrosphere" and describes the combined mass of water found on, under and over the earth's surface. The hydrosphere is one of the four spheres around the earth. Of all the componentsof the hydrosphere, the water that is fit for human use is surface water (on the surface of the continents) and groundwater (water that has seeped down from the surface and is the source of water in springs and wells). In Israel, a random test of mineral concentrations in the wells subject to the Ministry of Health's supervision and their comparison with the mineral concentrations in "mineral" water indicates that the concentrations are similar, and that both kinds of water provide a tiny amount of the quantity the body requires compared to the amount of minerals we get from our food.

Strauss Water treats potable water that complies with the stringent requirements of
the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water". These regulations include monitoring
and analysis of heavy metals and wastewater. A water source tested and found to
contain heavy metals and/or wastewater is closed by law and drinking water is not
supplied from that source.

UV technology is a leading technology all over the world for the treatment and purification of drinking water. The technology is completely safe for use and does not alter the composition of the water. Additionally, the UV system is located inside a closed container, and you, the user of the appliance, are not exposed in any way.
The carbon filter removes foreign bodies such as dirt and rust, adsorbs odors and aftertastes, and removes over 90% of the chlorine in drinking water. The lamp assures water that is free of bacteria. The water from a Strauss Water appliance undergoes a two-stage filtration and purification process:
  1. Activated carbon filtration, which includes physical filtration: particles (e.g. sand, rust and tiny stones) are physically blocked by a mesh screen; and chemical filtration: activated carbon filtration, which improves the taste and quality of the water, adsorbs the chlorine and removes aftertastes and odors.
  2. UV purification, which helps to reduce the bacterial load in the water. The UV lamp emits a wavelength in a range that does not allow bacteria to continue their lifecycle.
The UV lamp helps reduce the bacterial load in the water. The UV lamp in Strauss Water appliances emits a specific wavelength. The wavelength affects living organisms, and the shorter the length, the deadlier the effect. The strength of the UVbeam in our water bars prevents bacteria from multiplying. The great advantage of the system is the efficiency and speed with which it eliminates bacteria.
Chlorine and organic substances are efficiently removed by activated carbon as a function of time, contact and turbidity. The right combination of particles of different sizes allows for the adsorption of a large range of pollutants. This is an important process in water purifiers and filters, and an important part of Strauss Water's water bars.

Lime scale refers to the whitish deposit of natural minerals (calcium and magnesium)
that forms inside kettles, etc. Calcium and magnesium are minerals that are present
in water, and when heated, they crystallize and become a visible substance. These
minerals are healthy and important to the body, and today it has been scientifically
proved that water enriched with calcium and magnesium (the derivatives of lime
scale) is good for our health. Strauss Water's appliances do not filter out minerals
that are essential to the body, including calcium and magnesium, and therefore do
not treat the lime scale that remains visible after boiling.

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