Carrying on his legacy – Michael Strauss


Today we sadly mark a year since the passing of Michael Strauss, one of the founders of Strauss Group and the Israeli food industry.

Ofra Strauss, Strauss Group’s Chairperson, writes in memory of her father: “We were privileged to have had him as our mentor and to continue his legacy during his lifetime. He was a living icon of what the company represents and the foundations on which it is built. His presence was a force of motion for us, and we all miss him dearly.

In the shadow of our grief, I am comforted by the fact that we were fortunate enough to celebrate my father’s legacy when he was still with us. We expressed our love for Him and our appreciation of his labor.

My father stood out as an exceptional and unique businessman. As opposed to countless examples in which company founders do not cultivate succession, to perpetuate the company’s existence and ensure its success, my father genuinely wanted us to succeed. We are living proof of that. It was important to him that we keep moving forward, continue Strauss’s growth and explore new opportunities.

During my Father’s time as Chairman and after he stepped down, he made certain that each generation would have free reign to reshape the company while preserving the basic values of humaneness, caring, devotion to family, and the love of people. I miss him every day.

Michael Strauss