Time to build bridges

from news and media

Dear Strauss people,
All of us have had a difficult time over the past 24 hours. Frustration, pain, concern and anger all intertwined with each other.
The holidays of Shavuot and Eid al-Fitr and the end of Ramadan are coming right up.
After years of working to connect and respect everyone, regardless of faith, race and gender, and particularly after a tough and complex year with COVID-19, more than anything, this holiday season was supposed to symbolize, coexistence and a family and community celebration. A period in which we hug, enjoy and celebrate with our family, friends and the communities in which we live.
However, the reality here has once again shown us that coexistence is a complex concept and sadly it is extremely fragile.
Now is the time for us, as citizens and Strauss employees to say – no more. Enough is enough!!!
We will not let violence and incitement influence and divide us.
As a company that has been dedicated to the messages of diversity and inclusion, we are committed to cultures, identities and to diverse people.
Mutual tolerance is the foundation for our coexistence.
I would like to call on all our partners within Strauss and beyond – from both the Jewish and Arab populations – to protect our home. To protect our togetherness.
“They” are not responsible. Each and every one of us is responsible. Any poor choice of words or violent posts only serve to widen the rift. Let’s prevent this.
Here at Strauss, we will not tolerate any show of violence or incitement of any kind.
I call on everyone at Strauss to demonstrate tolerance and to work to promote tolerance and inclusion both at Strauss and beyond.
This is our home. We don’t have any other.
I would like to express my deep appreciation for all our employees, at all our sites, who continue to work in these difficult times, for their dedication, tolerance, and hard work.
Please remember that when the rioting ends and the dust settles, we will all remain here together. Standing next to each other.
The residential area next to the residential area, the community next to the community, people next to people.
Destroying things is easy. Building them up is more difficult.
Wishing us all a happy and peaceful holiday on Eid al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan and on Shavuot.

Giora Bardea
President and CEO of Strauss Group