Business Partners

Strauss believes in partnerships, and maintains business collaborations with local partners along with partnerships with leading multinational corporations. Our partnerships are managed on the basis of a shared commitment to improving people’s lives everywhere.


Since the nineteen-seventies Strauss Dairies have shared a relationship, based on collaboration ventures and know-how agreements, with the international Groupe Danone. In December 1996, Strauss Health (then Strauss Dairies Ltd.) and Strauss Holdings (then Strauss Nahariya Dairy Ltd.) engaged in a series of agreements with the French corporation. Danone purchased 20% of the shares of Strauss Health and granted Strauss Health an exclusive license for the use of Danone’s know-how in the manufacture of all Danone’s fresh dairy products, at present and in the future.

About Danone

Danone invests greatly in product development and in the promotion of healthy nutrition all over the world. The partnership agreement allows Strauss Group to benefit from first-class know-how and innovation made available by the finest researchers in Danone’s institutes worldwide, particularly in Danone’s major research facility, Centre Daniel Carasso, in France.

Danone is the world leader in dairy products and in bottled water. Its prominent competitive position all over the world is based on well-known international brands and on a leading competitive position in the various domestic markets (brands that are leaders in their local markets account for over 80% of Groupe Danone’s global sales).

Danone has almost 90,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

Fields of Activity

Areas of Activity

Milestones in the Partnership

Agreement With Danone
The Strauss family signed a partnership agreement with the international Groupe Danone. The agreement granted Strauss access to Danone's professional know-how, and Strauss began marketing Danone products in Israel. The Dairy embarked on a new era, and Strauss's water tower symbol was replaced with a new logo.
''Mommy, I want Dani''
The partnership agreement with Gervais Danone led to the establishment of a new plant. Thanks to knowledge sharing with the German firm, Strauss succeeded in manufacturing leading brands such as Dani chocolate pudding.
Yogurt Comes To Israel
Thanks to the collaboration between Strauss and Danone, Strauss brought the latest international health news to Israel – yogurt. Through Danone yogurt, Strauss became a key player in the market.
The Arab Boycott
After ten years of successful collaboration, in the wake of the Arab boycott of Israeli products, Gervais Danone announced its desire to dissolve the partnership. Strauss bought back its shares in the agreement that it would be permitted to continue to use the brand names Dani, Danone and Daniela, on condition that they would be written in Hebrew.
Danone Makes A Grand Re-Entrance
In light of the success of Strauss Dairies the historical partnership with Groupe Danone was renewed when Danone sought to acquire 20% of the Dairies. The partnership has facilitated innovation and product development and has granted Strauss the possibility to manufacture and market additional Danone products in Israel.